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Dolores Cannon: Communicating from Beyond the Veil.

Dolores Cannon passed away just about six months ago, on October 18, 2014. Since that time those that knew and loved her, those who practice her method of consciousness exploration and healing and even some people who never even heard … Continue reading

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Nightmares Not Accepted

It is a rare event for me to have a “bad” dream and I haven’t had a nightmare in many years. I did have the occasional nightmare as a child and young adult but I learned a long time ago … Continue reading

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Angelic Reality Lessons in Dreamtime

I am currently taking an online class from Jim Self of Masteringalchemy.com Jim is often called the teacher’s teacher and it is an excellent description. Jim has had a lifetime of dreamtime communication with the Archangels. He allows we all … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere. Had Any Water Dreams Lately?

Increasingly we are hearing about water. Water visions, water dreams, prophecies about water. Water is my personal dream symbol of consciousness. It seems to be fairly universal. Are you dreaming about flooding? Pools? Ice? Oceans? Dreaming about big amounts of … Continue reading

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A Dream Describing our Layered Reality

Last night in the dream state, I was shown this: My consciousness floating just outside or disconnected from the earth, from 3D reality. From this vantage point I can come “down” to the earth and choose my “entry point” to … Continue reading

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