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New Beginnings- Again. Migration Notice

Hello Blog Subscribers. 2017 is bringing much change, and many new projects are being created. In an effort to consolidate and simplify, I will be migrating your subscription to this blog to my new location and my new blog at … Continue reading

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Dolores Cannon – My Past Life Regression Session with the Master

It was a brilliantly clear, dark and starry sky the early morning I left to drive to northwest Arkansas for Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression class. I remember standing on our driveway mentally going over what I would need for … Continue reading

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The Professional Victim

The term keeps running  through my head. The Urban Dictionary defines the professional victim as: Someone who (usually falsely) claims victimization any time things don’t go their way. Everywhere this person goes, they believe someone is taking advantage of them. … Continue reading

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Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 2)

Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 2) This information is from Wendy Kennedy of Higher Frequencies. As we mentioned last week, we will be sharing Light Codes to assist you with the upcoming energies of authority, control, … Continue reading

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Integrating the Orion Archetypes – Part 1

Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 1) (This information is from Wendy Kennedy of Higher Frequencies) As you near the fall equinox, more of the energy surrounding authority, control, and competition will begin to activate. This may … Continue reading

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A 5D Kitten Dream

A couple of Saturdays ago, first thing after waking up, I walked into our kitchen and told my husband Tom that I had an interesting dream I wanted to share. As I made coffee and as he began preparing the … Continue reading

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Top 30 Spiritual Terms You Should Know

(Editor’s note: Join me tomorrow night, September 1, 2015 7pm Central 8pm Eastern on New Earth Journey Radio where I will be speaking with Michelle about September 2015 events, her personal journey, QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s work and… an upcoming … Continue reading

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“Love, from My Soul to Yours” – Tiger Singleton

Communicating from an open heart. So many of us out here are talking about that concept. We lecture. We create classes and workshops. We preach and have lengthy conversations. Examples are presented, stories are told and advice is given. Still, … Continue reading

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A Poem of Self Love by Nicole Espinosa

A Poem Of Self Love – by Nicole Espinosa. A secluded pond reveals an alchemist’s dream. An elixir of gold with the promise of beauty past time. If not for the lips, then the eyes will drink a stolen glance … Continue reading

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How to HEAR the Answers that Lie Within

As a full time practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method, having a regression session is my first suggestion when I am asked the questions, “How do I find those answers that lie within? How do I hear my Higher Self? How … Continue reading

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