Water, Water Everywhere. Had Any Water Dreams Lately?

Increasingly we are hearing about water.

Water visions, water dreams, prophecies about water. Water is my personal dream symbol of consciousness. It seems to be fairly universal. Are you dreaming about flooding? Pools? Ice? Oceans? Dreaming about big amounts of water coming in from somewhere? You are not alone.


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My dreams lately have much to do with water, arriving and replacing old dirty water, it is now clean and sparkly and structured. I believe I am tapping into the new consciousness arriving on the planet right now. I think many other people are as well. These are messages not only about the earth, but our bodies, and our minds.

Are you dreaming of big storms or is there “stuff” or debris in your water? Or is the water dirty? There is a message there for you if it is. You likely have things to let go or clean up yet, your mind perhaps needs  to release unkind thoughts or your body might want to be free of toxins or chemicals. I had to remove some lawn chairs and boxes from a big pool in a recent dream, I am not completely sure of what that represented but I know I had help with the project.

We all have access to help by the way. All you have to do is ask.

Other things are coming up right now too, old emotional and even physical problems, old pains and some new ones too. Purging, yes. Have any new physical symptoms lately? Maybe its been your skin, or new headaches, odd digestion issues or your heart giving you some concern? These symptoms too, just might be connected to this powerful energetic alignment approaching. (But do check with your doctor, as always, to be sure.)

We are all being affected by the changing energy of the sun, and the cosmos, continuing the clean up, headed toward this amazing alignment of celestial bodies and this “corridor” of opportunity between the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12. The end of time. No, not the end of the world, far from it, but yes the “end of time”. The end of time as we have known it to be.

It is actually a beginning. A glorious and wonderful beginning and if you are alive now on the planet, whether your conscious mind is aware of it or not,  you and your soul family will be talking about how you were one of the lucky few who were here and participated in creating the beginning of “The New Emergence” of consciousness, one that is poised to change everything about life and our understanding of how reality itself is constructed and how intimately our minds are connected to creating it all.

Yes, we are, you are that powerful. You really and truly are.

Those who accept and understand this will ride the wave of change like a graceful and playful dolphin, and those who fight it might find themselves thrashing about the water… until they realize that they too, can be dolphins and enjoy every minute of this adventure we call LIFE.

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6 Responses to Water, Water Everywhere. Had Any Water Dreams Lately?

  1. Tom Goldman says:

    Good post!


  2. lydia t says:

    well, I haven’t been dreaming about water (probably will now, hehe) but I have been sunning my body as often as I can. its interesting cos the colour i am turning is not the normal colour that i would be when tanning. I feel the need to have my naked body exposed to the sun in different times thru the day. what i do have had is a viscous post nasal drip that is causing much coughing, its my version of water but my body water. the sun makes it feel better and i know that what ever it is goes back to my childhood when i was forever sick with coughs and colds so have sent a mandate that it is gone once and for all. i am finding that i am constantly tying off one thing after another, and it feels good and i feel light inside today I was looking in my diary reading what I have for tomorrow 12/12/12 and i read ‘gateway’ now I know it wasn’t there but that is what my eyes saw and read so just sharing that with those who wish to hear Lydia


    • This is really great. Today, the 12-12-12- IS a gateway and its probably true you are releasing childhood illness. The SUN is giving us not only warmth but INFORMATION. You should sunbathe. Especially directly on your heart region.

      Thanks for stopping by Lydia. Blessings.

  3. midori says:

    This reminds me that I have dreamed too much of water this year. I just checked my dream journal and counted 13times this year and twice last year (all about floods and not counting the rains). I’ve been always wondering what these dreams mean and your post helped me understand some of them. Some flood dreams have debris, but often times I’m most worried about the things in the house that could be washed out by the raging waters. I could save some things like clothes, but not everything so I sometimes end up giving up because the water was always fast. Those dreams probably are telling me to let go of anything that are not important and let it clean the ones that needs cleaning.

    Great post!

    Manila, Philippines

    • Hello Joy

      I just woke up from yet another water dream and have had continuing reports from my family. Last night’s dream was about an overflowing tub that at first seemed like a problem, but really just cleaned the dirty floor of the house!

      Letting go of attachment is an important lesson for humans, not easy, but important.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Alex says:

        NIce post about water, I have had so many dreams lately about water, had 3 dreams last night and a few more last week.
        The dreams i have been having is, i see the clean water comming in from the ocean and the roads are flooded. The street and the ocean turn into one huge ocean. i was never in the, i was running up the sidewalk to take a closer look and in the dream it feels overwhelming, like oh my god. i saw several streets,next to oceans that the water was slowly creeping up. Had another dream the water was going undersome ones business it was slowly creeping up and in the dream i tried to warn them.
        Last week i had a dream i was the passenger and i was in a car of 4 people and the water was comming fast over a bridge next to the ocean, my friend was driving i told him to stop and put it in reverse and he said no we will make it. he smashed the gas through the water and the car hit a wave and i started thinking of my grandpa if was really going to die, just wait to cross over…but luckily we made it and i coudn’t belive it.
        These dreams are very over whelming, could you imagine in real life what that would be like, looking everywhere and you see water from the ocean creeping up. Its scary.
        I think this means that in the future water.flooding is going to be a concern especially if you live by water. It is 2013 and dec 21 didnt happen. So other warning indicators, not to far away.

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