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2017 and the New Creation Energies

We are only halfway through the first month of the year but it has been extraordinarily rich and productive for almost everyone I know. 2017 seems to have some sort of special turbo powered energetic boost available to help create and manifest almost anything!

I recently had an opportunity to speak with my long time friend Katya Turner of about what she is sensing and creating in the year of 2017.

Here is the YouTube replay of our recent conversation.

Katya is herself riding these new creation waves with a great deal of joy, while bringing her second child into the world and creating programs, projects and content for clients all the while already being a busy mother of a young toddler. Whew! Doing all of that can be exhausting, I don’t know how she does it. Whilst she seems to be coping just fine, she does need to spend some more time with her children. In order to have more free time, she needs to be able to delegate some of her tasks to other employees. She’d obviously have to hire some first. Bringing employees into your existing business can be scary, however, they are there to help. When recruiting new employees, it might be worth Katya looking into getting some Employee Onboarding software to ensure her new employees can get started straight away. This will help her business to increase productivity immediately, as well as allowing her more time to be a mother too. Hopefully, she’ll think about that, her business is growing every day!

2017 is the year of “Doing it NOW.” In the show I read a recent message I received from the late Dolores Cannon. The transcript is below.

Dolores do you have a message for the public regarding the new year and 2017?

Yes, there is still so very much work to do.

There is this peculiar human trait so MANY of you have. Let’s call it the “I’ll do it later” trait. You have good intentions, positive goals and kind hearts and then you slap the “I’ll do it later” trait on top of those intentions and it is like throwing a bucket of cold water on a beautiful little campfire.

Stop “doing it later.” Do it NOW.

The year of 2017 is the year of creation and of “doing it now” rather than “doing it later.” And you really are running out of time. You had many years and many lifetimes of opportunity and it really is coming down to the wire. You need to do it now.

And do what? Some of you are writing. Good! Just keep at it. And finish it up and get it out there for others to read. You may think you need to reach perfection before publication and this is not so important. Get a good editor, use spell check and just publish it. I carried manuscripts around for years waiting for an opportunity to publish my first books and as many of you know ended up creating my own publishing company because of the lack of opportunity and interest in my regression work from the big publishing houses. None of you face this obstacle. You can self publish using one of the many awesome self publishing companies. Do it.

Some of you have other projects, art or music, therapy or community-based ideas that focus on love, acceptance and helping other people. Some projects are very small and one-on-one. Maybe you even have considered volunteering at an Old Folks Home or Women’s shelter. Just go do it. Even if you can only help a few times or very occasionally, just go. Stop waiting.

Some of you have grand ideas. Classes, or businesses or even producing movies. These are wonderful human creative endeavors. Don’t let the “largeness” of the project idea overwhelm you. Small bites, small pieces and just keep moving forward. Every day is filled with 15 minute blocks of time you can use to grow your project, whatever it is.

I used to read and write and even edit books while eating dinner on a tv tray and watching Matlock. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in the space of time during even a set of commercials. You don’t have to lock yourself in a room or take yourself off to Fiji to write or create.

The world and 2017 needs each of you to step up into the gifts you have to bring and fulfill the reason for your life right now. If you are feeling a yearning that is your Subconscious and your Soul reminding you of your purpose. 2017 is about facing your purpose square on and getting on with it.
Now each of you have your very own purpose, not everyone needs to write a book, star in a movie or jump into the public eye in a big way, please know that is not my message at all. Some of you came here to simply be a loving friend to person who has no one, some of you hold doors or smile to lonely or angry people on the street as you go about your day. Some of you may even be challenged by health or age and being cared for by others. Guess what? You too, have a purpose and job to do at this critical time. Even a kind glance across the room or a loving thought for another is important and valuable and helps to create the reality of the New Earth.

Each of these large and also very small loving acts help to awaken and change the world and each offering of wisdom, kindness, abundance, assistance and love will bring the energies of wisdom, kindness, abundance, assistance and love right back to you.

Find Katya Turner at

Find Candace at

Permission to share this article freely granted as long as all links and information remain intact. Copyright Candace Craw-Goldman 2017

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Quantum Healing, 3D Proof

What do healers do when healers get sick?

Oh the irony! It was March of 2015. There I was assisting in the QHHT classes in Arkansas focussing upon the basic concept of self-healing and I had to make a trip to the Emergency Room. Yup, the cat scan confirmed what I already knew, I had myself a kidney stone. It was just at the entrance to the ureter and although the size was one that was officially considered “passable” that sucker had some very sharp edges. I know because I felt every one of them.

Why was this happening? And why was it happening right at that time, while assisting in a series of healing classes?

I was about to find out.

It was after the first day of the level 2 class that I had the chance to have my own session from one of the practitioners that I consider to be one of the best students of Dolores Cannon in the world today, Lory Pollina.

In my session with Lory, I found out exactly why I had created the stone and exactly why the stone was presenting itself right at that time, and also, exactly what I had to do to dissolve that bad boy so that I did not have to pass it in the “regular” and incredibly painful way. That session was my 12th, since learning this method of Quantum Healing from Dolores in 2008. It was also one of the most memorable.

I had met Lory a few months prior, in September of 2014. It was his first Quantum Healing class. It would be Dolores Cannon’s last, and just a month until she would pass away. I will never forget the first time I saw Lory. I was unlocking the auditorium doors and getting ready to welcome Dolores’ biggest ever class. It was very early, I think not long after sunrise, yet there was he was, waiting…he was the first in line to register and he was simply beaming.

Lory was and is, an exceptional artist and musician, and he was about to turn healer. We had a lot in common! He experienced a miraculous healing with his own QHHT session just a few months prior and he was here to learn how to help others achieve the same.

Lory’s stories, and yes, there are more than one of them, of healing his body are some of the best Quantum Healing stories I have ever heard and I have heard literally thousands of them! He recently joined me in a live webinar to share some of the details with our Community of healers.  This webinar was originally planned to only be shown “in house” to Dolores Cannon Original Support Forum Practitioners, but the stories were too wonderful not to share with the world so we took the video from that webinar and made a “Quantum Healing with Candace” show for all to enjoy.

In this show you will learn how this painting by Lory-


And this man in history are connected.


And also how this mysterious mark on Lory’s leg turns out to be a civil war “brand” from a past life!


Lory’s healing has 3D proof as well, just look at these scans-


Lory is one of the kindest and most thoughtful Quantum Healing Practitioners I have ever known. We often talk about the very best healers operating from “their hearts.” I can honestly say I don’t know of any healer who has a bigger heart and more compassion for his fellow human than Lory Pollina. As a healer myself, I was grateful to have his assistance when I required it. I learned that my own kidney stone, was the result of a toxic situation I had allowed to persist because I had thought I was protecting others by accepting it.  I was purposely going against my own highest outcome, because I thought too many others would pay a price if I did so.

My Higher Self explained that my stone would dissolve right where it was without needing to pass if I changed that situation and spent the next week walking several miles a day our beautiful farm. A subsequent scan proved that making that change and following the prescription to get out in nature really worked. I mention that briefly in this show as well.

I am proud to call Lory my colleague and happy to call him my friend. Lory lives in Buffalo, New York and you can find out more about his practice at his website, or give him a call at 505-204-0375.

If you are looking for a Quantum Healing practitioner near you, please visit our public listing site at

And if you are a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method, you can join our thriving and uncensored Community! We are professionally indexing ALL of the Cannon books and with stories, advice and content collected since 2008,  and with multiple millions of page views, our Support Forum is the world’s leading Dolores Cannon information source online for practitioners of her method. Send me an email! [email protected]

Finally to find out more about my practice and in-person as well as remote services, please visit my website at

Permission to share this article is freely given as long as it remains complete with all links and credit intact. Copyright 2016 Candace Craw-Goldman.

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Laura Bruno- Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals: How to Shift the Energy Now

As I read Laura Bruno’s blog, I had a great sense that I could have written the same article, nearly word for word. The italicized line second paragraph is the reason for the article and also the reason for my sharing of it.

Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals: How to Shift the Energy Now

I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve had with people this past week for whom the election and its aftermath — regardless of their politics or disinterest in politics — has triggered massive grief, anger, shock, disbelief, confusion, feelings of fear, cognitive dissonance, betrayal, and/or the desire to give up. Most of these clients are people “who know better” than to go down such spirals, but for whatever reason, they can’t seem to pull themselves out of the whirlpool.

In most cases, their usual coping tools aren’t working, because the things bothering them aren’t really “theirs” to fix.

I’ve had an unusually high volume of calls from Water Signs this past week, especially Pisces, well known for their fluid boundaries and subconscious empathing of surrounding emotions and energies. Even if you’re not a Pisces, if you feel less than optimal right now, please consider the possibility that you might be empathing a bunch of energy from people and a culture whose carefully imprisoned Shadows just experienced a collective jailbreak and are now rioting in the streets. In some cases, quite literally.

If you continue to receive “signs” like angel number sequences, faery winks, creative ideas, and magical synchronicities but still feel awful, please prioritize what I call “good energy hygiene.”Literally brush yourself off if an interaction with someone sends you into a tailspin. Sweep down each arm from shoulder to fingertip and flick your fingers like you just washed your hands and can’t find a towel. Employ good energy filters: indoor plants, soothing music, protective crystals (especially black tourmaline, black obsidian, black jade, hematite, and onyx), use protective Runes like Algiz, and follow these guidelines below:


If you need extra support right now, please don’t feel embarrassed to reach out. I can assure you that you’re not alone. People who began our phone calls sobbing this week ended them laughing and refocused. Sometimes it just takes a little adjustment to pop back into the good reality. A little chiropractic for the soul. As the veils continue to thin, we can sense all sorts of chaos and negativity, but in the immortal words of Leonard Cohen who recently crossed the veil: “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Big Love …

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Water is the Conductor of Thought

Dedicated Quantum Healing Practitioner, Alice Mixer, had a client recently who was a clear conduit channel. Masaru Emoto came through for her client Nicole Dykstra in a QHHT session.  Nicole later sent this message channeled from him with instructions from him to share it freely.

From Masaru Emoto (11-1-16 through Nicole Dykstra)

There are spheres to this world.  Places of understanding and places of refusal to understand and broaden perception.  It is my goal with you (Nicole) to broach the subject of conductivity with specific communities within the closed/shut off communities.

These shutoff communities reside all over the world, but are strong in science and public office.  Water Conductivity Theory is unknown to others in my work.  Water is more “fluid” than perceived.  It is not held within a container.  It is not only inside your glass of water.  Water is an impermeable state.  Water IS etheric essence in visible and “physical” form.


Conductivity utilizes the willpower charged into water by those whose mental states infuse it–consciously or unconsciously.

A positive relationship with water (imagery of peoples who live close to the oceans in life–fishing villages, etc.) as its “understood”/perceived qualities does infuse this essence with love for others to partake of.

However, as a larger broader esoteric community, we can charge water with the proper belief systems–a true understanding of the creative and truly playful intention for this Earth sphere, as well as the Love of Source.

By setting the water of the Earth in this manner, all realities of the Earth will change.

Water is the conductor of thought: the spreader of truth or the spreader of lies.

You set the powerful intention of Source’s Love within your glass of water now.  [gesturing to her current actions]  This affects the water within your cup, as well as the impermeable states around the cup and acts as a fully charged essence–causing all floating moisture in the air and all bound moisture within your body to absorb your pure intention of Source Love.

This is the Water Conductivity Theory.  This information was not believed by those outside of a slight few I knew in life.  So I did not focus on explaining it to others.  I deeply regret not having the courage while in body.  This regret is an echo from that body.  As my true essence, the Spark/Soul/Higher Self of Emoto:  “All things are as they should be.  The storylines of Earth  are enjoyable to witness.  Now go.  Tell the world.”

Nicole adds this postscript: “Impermeable state” is describing that water is beyond what we physically and visually experience.  It exists in and out of our dimensional frequencies (as do all vibrating molecules.)  As it also exists beyond the glass itself.  [Nicole says that her visuals are of a glass of water with almost an auric field around the glass that is actively moving–the auric field is not a static shape.]

For more information about Dolores Cannon’s work or to find a Dedicated Quantum Healing Practitioner near you, please visit

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Dreaming of Water, Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto

In the beginning of the dream I found myself walking near an ocean- a beautiful expansive and very familiar ocean. The water was so soft, inviting and sparkly. Up ahead I saw a pavilion. It was a very large pavilion, quite massive. As I came closer I saw one person near the closest corner, walking around some sort of large and low structure that was on the floor of the pavilion. This floor structure covered most of the floor, but I couldn’t quite tell what it was from where I was walking on the beach. As I got closer, I could see that the person on the pavilion was a woman and she was watching me and waiting for me to approach.

When I got close enough to say hello I could see that it was my friend and teacher Dolores Cannon! I was very excited to see her. She looked like herself but younger and a bit thinner and more vibrant. She smiled as I walked up the steps.

“Hello Candace I have something to show you today and I also have a message I want you to deliver.” She walked over to the edge of the structure on the floor and I followed her. She looked down and I did too and took in the details. The structure seemed to be made of wax or some sort of translucent material, it was perfectly geometric, and regular in form and scanning across the expanse I could see it was like a giant honeycomb, with open cells.


As I looked into the cells of the honeycomb they glowed and I could see light in patterns swirling and moving within each of them. The light pattern began with a six petaled flower, and it was a warm red color, but then that simple design became more complex much like a moving flower of life design. The light shifted and changed into more colors and then the whole floor began to move and morph sort of like a moving sculpture or hologram. The cells, and the light flowers were all moving in and out. All of the cells were connected to all of the light flowers which were connected to the whole and back again.

I noticed some of the cells had more “light” and glowed brighter than other cells. Just as I was about to ask Dolores about that she looked at me sideways and smiled and nodded. “That is what I wanted you to notice and why I brought you here today.”

“You brought me here?” I asked.

“Well you could say that, yes.”

“Okay so can you tell me about the differences in the individual cells’ light?” I asked.

“There are many factors that play into that but lets take a closer look.”

We walked closer and looked down at two of the cells nearest to our feet. Each cell was quite large, and pretty deep, and seemingly went under the floor of the pavilion. Each cell was large enough for a person to stand upright within it.

As I had these thoughts I looked over at Dolores and she nodded again- because she was reading my thoughts apparently! “Each cell could be thought of as a person, yes.”

The two cells we were focusing on were different in light and movement. The one on the left was lush, vibrant, fluid and moving with ease and grace. The one on the right was not as filled with light and it seems slower and “rusty” or something. It didn’t move quite as well.

Then Dolores turned around and from somewhere behind her had a large crystal clear bucket of water with a big ladle in it. She scooped out some of the water and said, “Watch!” as she poured the water into the cell on the right.

Immediately, the cell became brighter and the movements more fluid. She added more water and the cell again became more “alive.” I also then was aware of how the individual patterns of light from that cell immediately moved across the whole structure. Very much like the flower of life pattern.

“That is what I wanted you to see. Each cell can be thought of as a person, connected to other people, but each cell could be thought of as an individual cell in a person’s body as well.”

I turned to listen.

“Please pass this message on: Water is so important. Not only does it keep you alive, it keeps you connected. You are a bit like a battery, you need water to be able to connect to higher states of consciousness. You need water to be able to connect to others. You need water to connect to other parts of yourself! It is so very important to stay hydrated. Water will help the information flow. The water will help the actual connection to information. The water will help you be connected to higher consciousness.”



I smiled and said, “You’re still working with Emoto, aren’t you?”

Dolores laughed and put her hands together. “Indeed.”

And then Masaru Emoto himself appeared, and stepped up onto the pavilion, and with a slight bow said, “Every glass of water you drink has the potential to bring you healing from whatever ails you. Every bath you take can do the same. Every step into the ocean, every walk beside a river, every rest beside a creek is an opportunity to heal. And this healing can be received by you, or intended for others or the planet or both.”

I said, “So many people love the water, the ocean especially, and beautiful clear lakes, and lovely rushing streams of clean water, but many of us are not blessed to have these bodies of water near our home.”

“That’s true,” Emoto said. “But you can still create your own healing waters. Besides your drinking water, and your bath or shower water, you can set out simple bowls of water in your living space to amplify your healing focus and intentions.”

Dolores then began to speak. “You have a client who has requested one of your audio meditations. If you had an ocean in Kansas I would suggest going there to write or record that for her.”

I laughed, knowing I was in a dream and not in Kansas. There certainly are no oceans in the state in which I live.

Dolores said, “You know Kansas used to be covered in a beautiful and very powerful ocean. You can still intend to connect to that ancient and massive energy using the water in which you do have access.”

“I never thought of that Dolores.  You know I recently found myself re-reading some of the passages of the book Prairy Erth, which talks extensively about the ancient waters that actually created the prairies, and unique Flint Hills of Kansas.”

With that Dolores looked behind her and out toward the magical ocean behind her and then back again at me with a broad smile. “Why do you think this body of water seems so familiar to you?”

I found myself overcome with joy as memories of the ancient body of water, and the prairie and past lives and current experiences with the land all combined into a beautiful symphony of vibration and light that echoed and repeated the patterns on the pavilion floor.

“Use that energy, and that imagery to create your meditations,” Emoto chimed in with a big smile.

Dolores seemed very pleased and amused. She was probably smiling at the look on my face thinking about oceans in Kansas. “Oh and Candace, when you wake up, look up the meaning of your current client’s name.”

“You mean Sanja? I had intended to dream about the ocean for her healing meditation.”

“Yes, Sanja. And tell her I said hello,” She looked over at Emoto, “Tell her we both said hello!”

When I awoke from my dream I immediately went to my computer and looked up the name Sanja for its origin and meaning. Here is what I found: Sanja – Derived from Croatian and Serbian sanjati meaning “dream”.

Thanks Dolores and Masaru.

Permission to share this blog article freely given as long as it remains unchanged and all links are provided. Copyright Candace Craw-Goldman 2016.

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You are NOT Channeling Dolores Cannon

The spiritual community is abuzz.

People are coming out of the woodwork claiming to talk to, listen to and channel the great Dolores Cannon. People who didn’t know her, people who did not work with her, people who know nothing about Quantum Healing. Some are well known channels, some are not so well known. Some people who have never even thought of past life regressions or after death communication are coming forward with stories and tales of talking to Dolores Cannon.

“No way you are channeling Dolores Cannon! No way.” Those were my first thoughts and my instant very protective and defensive reaction to my teacher, my mentor, my friend, when all of this started several months ago.

In a previous article I wrote the following;

Dolores was famous for saying, “When I die I am never going to let anyone channel me!”

She would say it with such conviction. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said. She absolutely meant every word. And anyone who ever knew Dolores Cannon knew how strong, or how stubborn, she could be. If she said she wasn’t going to let anyone channel her then she wasn’t going to and that was that! No one on the planet believed that more than I did.

Those of us practicing Quantum Healing, and those in her Original Support Forum Community continued on with her work in the months, and now years, following her death, often hearing Dolores in our heads or sometimes in sessions or in the occasional interesting story from the public. We accepted this as a normal part of our work. Dolores Cannon herself paved the way in communicating with other beings in other times and other realms. It was considered “normal” in our less than conventional day-to-day world to be able to talk to any number of characters and entities including Dolores herself. We even have a special category in our Forum called, “Messages from Dolores.” It’s filled with lovely snippets, dreams, session visits and more. We were, and are, sharing our communication with Dolores and accepting it as normal.

Until someone publicly and outside of our Community said they “channeled” her.

Gasp! I myself actually gasped. I remember even now where I was sitting and gasping.

A dear friend sent me a link to Pamela Aaralyn’s video Channeling Dolores Cannon. I bristled. I huffed. I repeated my line. “No way. No way you are channeling Dolores Cannon.” I had not heard of Pamela Aaralyn and the love I have for Dolores Cannon stirred up my defenses and I found myself being very protective. I rolled my eyes, shrugged my shoulders and dismissed the whole thing. Until Michelle Walling of called me. “You have to talk to Pamela, “ she said, “She is the real deal.”

I listened to Michelle and then arranged a Skype session with Pamela, still with little more thought than having it be a formality to dismiss her. I was up front from the beginning. “I will be testing you.” Pamela said, “Dolores told me you would. And that you would be tough.” I was tough, and I was thorough, even double-blind tested her. She passed with flying colors. Pamela also even used the “code phrase” that Dolores had been using with me in my own sessions to let me know she was coming through clearly and purely. Just exactly like she set up a “code phrase” with Nostradamus in her books. When Dolores uses this code phrase with me, I can be sure the communication is authentic.

“She wants us to work together,” Pamela said, and so we have been.

Dolores even now, in my head is impatient and saying things like, “Get over it, I changed my mind and it’s just listening you know.” But she added a phrase to that. “Some people just listen better than others.”

As more and more people claim to channel Dolores, Dolores herself has something to say on the subject. And of course I am aware of the utter irony in this whole article and especially in this paragraph. This will be channeled information, from Dolores, that will admit that a great deal of channeling information is unreliable, and that many people who claim to be speaking her words, are in fact, doing nothing of the kind.

The following is a conversation I myself had with Dolores just a few days ago in the very early hours of the morning. She wants to emphasize that this is trans channeling… basically just listening. And she emphasizes that you can only listen to her, or any being, if she, or they, is actually communicating. She says, and you have heard this before, that this is actually a skill every human can develop with practice. Dolores did not and does not apparently trance channel, which is “taking over” the voice and body of a human. Dolores actually maintains her dislike of trance channeling and as far as I know has not participated in that type of channeling with anyone.


Dolores is absolutely aware of the channeling controversy. She has some new information for us about authentic and inauthentic channeling. She returns to the subject of “backdrop people” from her Convoluted Universe Series book four. “The backdrop people” was a concept of people on the planet who were playing the part of “extras” on the world stage and were not connected to Source energy directly like the “main actors”. She explains more below, Dolores’ voice in italics:

Dolores can you hear me?

-I can always hear YOU, the question is can you hear ME?

I think I can this morning. Can you tell me more about backdrop people and specifically, what they have to do with channeling?

-I can try – but you know it’s never as easy to explain these things to humans. Your perspective is so limited. And it is limited by design- somewhat- but mostly your perspective is shaped by limited belief systems

What is then, a backdrop person?

-A backdrop person is best described to a human not really what it is but what it is not. A backdrop person is not a Source expressed individual life form with a direct Source connection. Now of course it is within Source creation, and all things are from Source but it is not a direct creation. You have a direct connection. A backdrop person does not.

Who or what created backdrop people?

-They were created by creator beings as something like empty suits. They have a physicality just like you and all true human beings, but their connection to Source is offline.


Why were they created?

-The simple answer is that they were an experiment. The Creator beings were curious about the concept and idea. And they were very easy to create and then to manipulate both for positive reasons and not so positive reasons.

Do they have a soul?

-They do not have a soul as you have a soul, but again this is a simplistic answer. They are animated on the “outside “of their beings, very often by you and other soul expressions.

Do they feel and think like we who are not backdrop people feel and think?

-Not exactly the same. But they can feel and think. Yes.

Are backdrop people expressed on your level of existence as well?

-Yes! This is what I wanted you and the other Quantum Healing practitioners to know. Backdrop people are here too, and they play an interesting role for both of our worlds. One of the interesting “intersections” of backdrop people on my plane of existence and your world is in the activity of “channeling.”

-I think I always knew this and that is one reason I truly did not like the whole concept of channeling when I was in the physical!

What role do they play in this intersection?

-Well what happens when a channeler, or when anyone really, wants to communicate with a being they send out a call of sorts to connect with the frequency and energy of that being. I myself connect with a lot of people and a lot of beings, but I do not connect with them all.

How do you decide with whom to connect?

-Primarily their intention and energy but also their ability to hear me. (You are getting better at this yourself, I told you to keep trying.)

So what happens when someone tries to connect and you do not wish to connect?

Here is one thing that can happen. A channeler can call forth what you might consider an “essence” of me. A channeler can connect with my energy essence- but it is like a passing whiff of perfume or a misty cloud – not my full energy. I have a lot of this essence energy on the planet. Each time a video is watched for example, some of that essence energy is emanated. So what can happen is this, a backdrop “essence” can become available to help a channeler create the persona of me that they are trying to connect with.

-That backdrop essence then can use thoughts, ideas and information from them and their human filters to play the part of me during a channeling.

It’s an interesting conundrum to look at some channeled information that questions the validity of channeling! The backdrop people or essence concept is a novel one, however and so, I am sharing it in this public way, risking the obvious reaction of, “Well maybe a backdrop essence was talking to you and you only thought it was Dolores.” It’s a valid observation.

After this information came through I sent it on to Pamela Aaralyn. I have come to trust her listening and channeling skills and I respect her own description that she is a “clear conduit” channel. Hearing as clearly as possible- without, as much as is possible, a human filter. I first asked her about the information and was gifted with her reaction that Dolores told her the same exact “backdrop essence” and channeling details at nearly the same exact time. Then I had to ask the very obvious question about authentic channeling.

Candace- Pamela, if backdrop “essence” can come in and pose as the being we wish to channel, or hear, then how do we ever trust the information or conversations?

Pamela- If you are a medium or have the ability to “see” where the information is coming from you can tell right away.

Candace- And if you don’t? If you are a regular person like me who is trying to trust and open to channel or hear with clarity?

Pamela- Then you can use the Universal Law of 3.

Candace-Oh, I have heard of that before! You ask the question 3 times.

Pamela- Yes, but you must ask the question precisely and exactly the same 3 times and the answer has to be precisely and exactly the same all three times to be authentic.

Candace- But wait a second. I know many humans who would be able to do this, to simply parrot back exact answers that are identical- and I know and it is obvious that the information is not true or valid.

Pamela- But those are humans they are still in 3D and have human free will and are able to do that. Discarnate beings and those in higher dimensions must follow the Universal law of 3 and are not able to do that.

Candace- So if you ask precisely 3x and the answer is precisely 3x you can trust it, and if it is not precise you cannot trust it.

Pamela- Yes.

What’s fascinating about this topic is we often debate the validity of a channel’s message, in large part because the originator of that message is not someone we have actually met. With Dolores, she not only has taught thousands of students so we know and recognize her energy, immediately, she built her whole legacy on unconventional communication! It’s kind of hard to dismiss her ability to continue to talk to us when we know this about her and also when we have the ability to thoroughly vet information that only Dolores would know.

Dolores cautions not all of the information is authentic and accurate and she has explained one way it can happen to a channeler, even one with very loving and positive intentions.

I am not ready to call myself a channeler but I will say I do hear Dolores Cannon speak to me, just like many of her practitioners. In my dreams, in my mind and sometimes very clearly, and I will continue to collect the information that comes through and see what becomes of it. I have to say I admire anyone who puts their channeling work out there to the public. Skeptics and haters keep many gifted “listeners” quiet.

Dolores is sitting over my shoulder watching me write this article today. She is somewhat annoyed at the focus. “Its almost like you are apologizing,” she says, “Stop that. Let’s move on to other more important things.”

Okay Dolores!

“I changed my mind. Just get over it. I have more work to do. And so do you, and we can get more done if you listen more and get on with it already.”

Ha…Now that is pure Dolores!

Copyright Candace Craw-Goldman 2016. Permission to share this article is freely given as long as it remains complete and with all links intact. Find Candace at

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Dolores Cannon: Working harder than ever

Today is October 18, 2016. Dolores Cannon has been gone from the physical earth plane for exactly two years.

So much has changed in those two years! The world has changed. Humanity certainly has changed. Dolores Cannon’s students and practitioners and clients have changed and Dolores’ method of, and a client’s experience of, Quantum Healing has changed right along with all of it.

And how could it not?

Dolores often spoke in her classes and lectures about how she was “spoon fed” her understandings and information. “You don’t give a baby a steak,” she used to say. You start small. She used to call herself a reporter of lost knowledge and called her method of consciousness exploration “past life regression.” Dolores Cannon’s Method of Past Life Regression was what her class was called even in 2008 when I personally had the honor and pleasure of learning from, and beginning to work with the great lady herself.

But not long after that it was decided to call it Quantum Healing Hypnosis. Dolores changed the name because “past lives” became only one of many experiences explored during a hypnosis session. Known under a variety of names and initials it remains Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing nonetheless, the very essence of which, is the exploration new worlds, new methods of healing, new realms and new ways of thinking about: Absolutely. Everything.

So as time marched on from the earliest years of exploration, and the decades went by Dolores wrote book after book after book; the information became more complex, more fantastic, more jaw-dropping, every single year. As her mind and her belief system expanded she kept her followers, her fans, and her students right along with her. Those looking to keep their online followers updated with the latest happenings in their careers may want to consider using YouTube as a platform to do this and maybe even try out a service like GetFans as a way of amassing a larger following too.

Dolores used to say, even in 2014, that “They” said she had so much more work to do, that she would be able to continue that work for a long time to come. We all naturally assumed that meant a life that went well beyond 84 years. Dolores assumed that as well. It came as a surprise to us all and I have to imagine, to Dolores herself when she found herself suddenly beyond the veil.

But the amazing thing is, she wasn’t done exploring and teaching yet.

News of her death came hard to many. Her family, of course would never be the same, her friends and students were heartbroken, even and maybe even especially hard hit were her admirers across the world who did not know her personally. You see, Dolores embodied a kind of universal magic and connection to just about everyone who listened to her stories, lectures and tales of the extraordinary. People from all over the planet made direct and very personal connections to her after reading her words or listening to her many videos or interviews. A great number of these people felt that someone, was finally making some sense of it all. All of life’s greatest mysteries, so many of the “holes” in religious doctrine, a great many of the questions every thinking human has pondered at some point in their lives seemed to be answered, at least in part, by the work and exploration, of Dolores Cannon.

It seemed somewhat quiet for Quantum Healing Practitioners after her death. We could listen to videos, or re-read her words, but the voice of our Dolores was quiet. It was gone.

Until it wasn’t.

It didn’t happen right away, but in the months following Dolores’ death her Original Support Forum for Practitioners of her method began to share stories of Dolores “popping into” hypnosis sessions of clients and offering very specific, sometimes very profound and relevant advice. We began to share dreams where Dolores appeared, somewhat younger, but never young, and teach us lessons or give specific advice to clients or practitioners themselves. She appeared in meditations, in synchronicities, in visits from red birds, in “daydreams” in mysterious text messages, and then, amazingly enough- into the thoughts and minds and dreams of some people who didn’t even know who Dolores Cannon was!


I and other practitioners have received numerous communications from people who have suddenly been told, by Dolores herself, to have a Quantum Healing session or to look up information about her. Often these people have not the slightest clue what Quantum Healing is, or even understand the basic concept of “past life regression.” They sure don’t know who Dolores Cannon is, but her message to them is so magical, so powerful and so incredible…they go to the internet and find us, her Dedicated Practitioners.

Most of these conversations start something like this, “Hello, I know this is going to sound crazy, but….” And here is the kicker. These calls and emails are increasing since her passing. Especially lately!

I personally first started really hearing Dolores in my head long before she died. I would talk to other practitioners and Dolores herself about this phenomenon. It was comforting and supportive to have our teacher in sessions with us. Often she would make suggestions or give support. And yes, she would shout a bit too if she felt it was necessary. And she was always very direct. Dolores was tickled at this when we gathered in classrooms to tell her about her voice appearing in our minds but after the grins we would seriously speak about the connection of consciousness of the master teacher to her students, and then, the students connections between each other. What a wonderful circle of connection.

We are hearing Dolores more clearly with each passing day. And those that make it their business to communicate beyond the veil are hearing her as well. Interestingly, we have been able to actually ‘validate’ a variety of her communications by using a similar method she herself used to validate she was speaking with the authentic Nostradamus. She is laughing about that even now, saying “See, I told you it was me!”

Dolores was famous for saying, “When I die I am never going to let anyone channel me!” She would say it with such conviction. I have zero doubt that she meant what she said.

Until she changed her mind about that, too.

Months after her death I began to silently ask her about all manner of things happening in my life, work, sessions, and even events in my own family life. She began to answer me in her distinctive voice. In my head. Over and over I would question the authenticity of the communication. “Dolores, you said you would never let anyone ever channel you!”

“You are not channeling me. You are listening to me.” She insisted there was a difference and there really is. Trans channeling is indeed, listening. Trance channeling is more what one normally thinks about when the human who is speaking has their personality completely step aside to allow another to control their voice and even bodily movements. Dolores has apparently kept to her word about trance channeling, but she is talking to 3D living humans of all kinds using dreams, meditation and trans channeling and of course, appearing in Quantum Healing sessions. And it is important to note that this kind of listening is getting easier for all humans! Dolores has even told us, “Its as easy as using the telephone!”


Much of the information coming from Dolores is very new. Of course it would be new! She is still learning and expanding. She has a brand new perspective and access to knowledge not commonly available to incarnate human beings. She is still teaching us, sometimes in general ways but often providing us very specific, expansive and adaptive suggestions to her own method of Quantum Healing.

While it’s been two years since her ‘passing’, Dolores is working harder than ever.. She’s pulled in others from her side of the veil to help, too. (Masaru Emoto, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and recently, Michael Newton!) It’s fun and utterly fascinating work but she admonishes us to hurry and catch up as there’s lots of work to do and people to help…sounds just like her, doesn’t it? ?

Dolores Cannon’s Original Support Forum Community supports the vast experience of ALL Practitioners of integrity of the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing methods regardless of level, location or approach. Find out more information or locate a Dedicated Quantum Healing Practitioner who is right for you at

You can find out more about me, Candace Craw-Goldman and my own practice at

Permission to share this blog article is freely given, as long as it remains complete with all links attached. Copyright Candace Craw-Goldman 2016.

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“Hybrids” by Erich von Däniken

The following is the second in a series of articles for New Earth Journey and by Erich von Däniken

Hybrids in the Serapheum under Sakkara/Egypt?

Around 300 BC, a high priest named Manetho lived in Sebennytos, a city in the Nile Delta. He wrote a three-volume work, which is now lost for the most part. How then do we know anything about it? We owe thanks to Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea for some reports of Manetho. Before dying in 339, Bishop Eusebius authored a “Chronicle” of history in which Manetho is quoted. [1]. In addition, there exist at least bits and pieces of Manetho’s writings. [2]. Manetho reported that gods and demi-gods once ruled Egypt. These reports tend to make Egyptologists cringe. Yet, the reports state that gods ruled for 13,900 years, and subsequent demigods reigned for another 11,000 years. Similar figures are also provided by Herodotus [3], Diodorus of Sicily, and Strabo. [4, 5]. Manetho’s writings tell us that the gods originally created various monsters and hybrid beings of all types. This is precisely confirmed by Bishop Eusebius:

“…and they produced double-winged beings…and more people with legs of goats and horns on their heads…And others, cloven hoofed – and more with horse bodies and human torsos…they have also wrought bull-headed men…and even other monsters…with manifold characters very different from each other…and many wonderful natures…whose images remain in the Temple of the Belos, one next to the other.” [1]

Heavy stuff. Were there really “double-winged people” in the world? Is it all nonsense? Why then are there reliefs on stelae and sculptures in all major museums staring back at us? There are also winged beings called Jinn to consider. As well as the “people with legs of goats and horns on their heads” that can be found on cylinder seals and temple walls. The same applies to the centaurs – the engineered half-man, half-horse race – or the men with bull-heads. Say hello to the monster from Crete, the Minotaur. But where are the mummies or remains of all the monsters?

Image 2

Image 1

Nobody knows. But several sarcophagi found at various sites in Egypt held chopped up bones of different animals. Often, even the species of these remains could not be identified. [6, 7, 8]. In my book, The Eyes of the Sphinx, I address this controversy and also make it clear that no bull mummies were found in the Seraphäum, an underground facility at Saqqara. (P. 15: “The sarcophagus was empty…The 12 sarcophagi had the same oversized dimensions as the 12 in the first vault…Not a trace of magnificently interred bull mummies.” P. 19: “Not one contained the mummy of a bull.”) But the question remains: why did the priest break the bones of animals? Ultimately, their religion required the mummification of the whole body. Dismembering the bones would have been an outrage, a blasphemy. Why then were the hacked bones of multiple species placed in huge stone or wooden vats and often doused with bitumen (asphalt)? Such an approach would have made rebirth impossible. What was it all about? Unwanted bones from sick animals would have been left in the desert for the beetles or jackals. Even crocodiles would have been happy to help. Why bother with the sarcophagi? Perhaps they contained something that could never be allowed to reincarnate?

Were these hybrids? Were Manetho, Eusebius, and other ancient writers correct when they wrote that the gods had produced various monsters? Did they swarm up the Nile from Giza to Aswan like varying kinds of sphinxes? Were there hybrid beings – like those shown on the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, located today in the British Museum London – commonly led on chains? But hybrids do not arise in any evolutionary way. If a perverted man had sex with a monkey, no hybrids would result because the chromosomes of the partners are too different. From this derives a single conclusion: if there were once actually chimeras, they could only be formed by genetic design. Today, every geneticist knows how that works, but the creation of hybrids is prohibited from ethical and moral perspectives. With a few exceptions.

Image 3

Nothing helps: the ancient Egyptians did not master genetics. Those gods from outer space, however, did. And they had excellent motives for producing hybrids: chimeras on Earth would have needed different characteristics than on other planets. Also, they would have saved space in their ships by not transporting their hybrids when a few milligrams of DNA would be sufficient.

Erich von Däniken

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[2] Waddell, W.G.: Manetho. Cambridge o. J. 1940.
[3] Herodotus: Histories. Volume II (Section 143.44). Munich 1963.
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[5] Strabo: Geography. Translated by Dr. A. Forbiger. Berlin o.J. 1860.
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[9] von Däniken, Erich: The Eye of the Sphinx. Munich 1989.

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Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night and “Curiosities”

I am pleased to not only announce this October Livestream event but to also present the first in a series of several articles by the incomparable Erich Von Daniken, the Godfather of the Ancient Astronaut Theory! and partner up to sponsor Erich’s Showcase event in October. You won’t want to miss show and you can use this code to purchase specially priced tickets! In5d2016

Go to this link-



By Erich Von Däniken

For 45 years, I have maintained a squeaky-clean archive. Therein is a section with the keyword “Curiosities.” For my new book, Impossible Truths [1], recently released by Kopp Verlag, I fished a few examples from this collection of impossibilities.

The great sand sea of the Saad Plateau is located in south-western Egypt. Since 1932, curious pieces of money-green glass have been repeatedly discovered. Men call these anomalies Libyan Desert glass. In July 1999, the British magazine New Scientist wrote that over 1000 tons of the strange material have surfaced to date, the largest single piece weighing 26 kilos. Initially, they suspected the glass must have been created by a meteorite impact. But no trace of a crater could be found in the vicinity. Similarly, even if the hot gases of a celestial body crossed the area without impact, there should still be some traces, furthering the riddle. For this to have occurred, locations of desert glass would be more or less on a straight line. But they aren’t. The glass is comprised of 97% Silicon, and looks like a green-blue gem. In an analysis published in the scientific journal Nature, the geologist Dr. Spencer said: “It’s easier to assume that the stuff fell from the sky.” [2].

A mystery of a different kind is located in Patagonia/Argentina. There, located in the Deseado Department, south of the village of Fitz Roy, lies a strange National Park called the Monumento Natural Bosques Petrificados de Santa Cruz. At a typical National Park, you expect really splendid landscapes, snow-capped mountains, blue lakes, and bizarre rock formations. But you will find nothing like that at the Bosques Petrificados. This is a petrified forest. Not a forest as we imagine it, for though the area is filled with tree trunks – all of them are petrified. Experts estimate this petrified forest to be about 70 million years old. There is a perfectly natural explanation for these fossils. Tens of thousands of years ago, the cellulose of the wood turned to stone because the trees were pelted by volcanic ash and stopped receiving air. The length of isolated trunks can be up to 50 meters, with roots still in the ground. Some fragments, however, remain mysterious. They lie around the forest in eight or 12 equal cut blocks. The cracks through the stems appear in a manner that looks like they have been separated with a saw. Usually, the stems can be seen splitting into the wind, while fragments of differing density are distributed throughout the trunks. Regarding adhesions, grain patterns, and knots in the growing branches – none of these features interface with the petrified trees.

Image 1

Also, the individual pieces are often the same length. Who was capable of such sawing millions of years ago?

In the early 1970s, the Russian geologist Dr. Nikolai Gontscharow from the Moscow University of Arts and Industry worked on a cultural atlas of the world. As he stood in front of the finished work, he said it looked like the five-sided pieces of a leather football. The markings of important sites of all cultures revealed the impressions of a multi-cornered football, where the cut lines resembled the seams of a football and ran along five corners. A Russian newspaper, Kosmosomlskaya Pravda, wrote:

Many ancient cultures had no random location, but were exactly at the intersections of this system. So it was with the Indus Valley civilization of Mohenjo-Daro, Egypt, Northern Mongolia, Newgrange in Ireland, Easter Island, Peru, and even Kiev, the mother of Russian cities. Along the seam where the gigantic plates collide, stretched the petroleum areas of North Africa and the Persian Gulf. The same thing is observed in America from California to Texas.” [3].

Image 2

The network showed ghostly sections, where so far no artefacts have been encountered. So the distance of Nazca in Peru to Giza in Egypt is the same as the one from Teotihuacan in Mexico to Giza. And Angkor Wat in Cambodia is located equal distance from Mohenjo-Daro to Easter Island to Nazca. Was there X-millennia ago – I dare not even attempt to use figures – something like a Global Planning Committee? Determining where groups of people had to settle? Were the oldest cultures intentionally situated on points that had everything to do with resources such as petroleum, minerals, etc.? Who commanded these people? For what? And when in the course of time will we admit that these phenomena have taken place, even though they seem like a fairy tale? Does humanity have a legendary past behind it?

Erich von Däniken

[1] von Däniken, Erich. Impossible Truths. Rottenburg 2013.

[2] Dating the Libyan Desert Silica Glass. Nature, No. 170, 1952.

[3] Bodnaruk, Nikolai: The Mysterious Power on the Globe. Kosmosomolskaya Pravda, Sputnik Sept. 1974.


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