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Dreaming of Light Bodies

I don’t normally share dreams this publicly. I try to journal most dreams and I also belong to an online dreaming group. Dreams are the topic of conversation there, of course. But more and more people I know are talking … Continue reading

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Organics Matter if You’d Rather Not Be Sterile

Of course you can think of this as some really good news. If you don’t want children, just keep buying conventionally grown food. This former pig farmer takes a few (12) minutes to describe how his pigs, and multiple other … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey: What it Feels like to Wake Up.

The always entertaining Jim Carrey takes 2.5 minutes to describe what it felt like for him to wake up.

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Common Questions I am asked as a Dolores Cannon Practitioner

How did you come to practice QHHT? In 2008 I had a profound spiritual experience with my personal “Council of Light.” I was given a list of three things I needed to do to be healed of the chronic pain … Continue reading

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Shift 2012 Wichita

Note from Candace: I’d like to introduce Jaci Silvey. Both Jaci and I have “” Groups. I have asked Jaci to tell us about her new one called Shift 2012. I have two groups, one in Austin and another in … Continue reading

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Wichita is Waking Up

Hurray~! I see it happening all around me here and it’s almost like folks in Do-dah set their alarm clock to the calendar page of January 2012. I had a hunch it was coming, and yesterday I was absolutely sure … Continue reading

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Eating Organically. A Child’s Lesson.

Most people I know still buy conventional food. Why? Well you know why. Either they don’t know or care about organic food or they use the ever popular reason:  “Its cheaper.” Hmmm. Well what price for your health? And possibly, … Continue reading

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A Definition of Energy

Energy is compressed consciousness. by Owen Waters. For more by Owen on this go HERE.

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Canary in a Coalmine or Parakeet in your Kitchen?

In days of old, caged canaries would be carried by mining workers down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the … Continue reading

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The 2012 Frequency. Are you on it?

We are having problems with our automatic garage door opener. (What does that have to do with 2012 and frequency? Hold on, you’ll see.) A few weeks ago we had a repair person out to help to try to fix … Continue reading

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