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Ancient Entanglements

I have been practicing Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing for nearly 8 years. In that time I have had dozens of clients that leave my Wellness Studio beaming and claiming they will be writing a book about their experiences. … Continue reading

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See A Red Bird. A QHHT Video Story Series!

I’ve always secretly wanted to make movies. (Doesn’t everyone?) Often, my internal landscape runs as if it were a movie. I see the scene set, the characters chosen, the conflicts, the storyline. Then, there is my work with QHHT (Quantum … Continue reading

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My Apologies to Mr. B

Long ago, when I was a young teenager, it happened that I accompanied a friend to their home after school one day. When we walked into the house it was apparent something significant was occurring. My friend’s parents were sitting … Continue reading

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Are You an ET Experiencer?

A great deal of my clients are. Actually a few of my really good friends are as well. There are more of them out there than you might imagine.  Many keep their stories, their out-of-this-world memories to themselves, out of … Continue reading

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Steven Jones and Visitors to Atira Moon

Steven Jones and his lovely wife Anne Ashley Jones are in America once again in 2011 on Book Tour number 2. His first official engagement and book talk will be held in Wichita tomorrow night, Friday October 21, 2011 at … Continue reading

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Down on The Farm – Anne Ashley

Anne Ashley guest blogs today for the delight of all who take the time out to read about her adventures so far in America at Atira Moon. Annie is here with her husband Steven Jones from London to do some … Continue reading

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Remember What Your Mother Told You

Anyone not completely asleep is aware of the increase in UFO sightings and other unusual orb and light phenomenon occurring on the planet lately. As you might imagine, there are many theories about what, exactly, is happening out there. Who … Continue reading

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