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Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night and “Curiosities”

I am pleased to not only announce this October Livestream event but to also present the first in a series of several articles by the incomparable Erich Von Daniken, the Godfather of the Ancient Astronaut Theory! and partner … Continue reading

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Dividing Lines

Life can be so surreal. Last week and this week at the Holiday Inn in Springdale Arkansas, while the Tyson company was doing its Tyson things nearby, and the Walmart group was being as Walmart as possible in the room … Continue reading

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There are a lot of us looking up lately. The blood moon lunar eclipse of a few days ago had many eyes trained to the skies and people talking about the stars and planets and the cosmos. Another astrological event … Continue reading

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New Earth Journey Moves to Old Town in Wichita

Summer of 2013 has been a busy one. There have been lots of QHHT sessions, travel, classes and events with Dolores Cannon and…I have moved into professional office space in downtown, Old Town, Wichita! The address is 914 East Douglass, … Continue reading

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Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift. A NEJ Workshop Feb 23-24.

Well we made it! It is past December 2012 and we are still here, the world did not end. Everything is just exactly like it was before… or is it? Humanity most certainly went through a significant SHIFT last month! … Continue reading

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I began this post the day of the school shootings in Connecticut. Before I even became aware of the news, my intuition told me to hold off publishing this article about being afraid. It was too soon. We all needed … Continue reading

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Cellular and Organ Regeneration (CORe) Class September 29-30 in Kansas

Announcing ​CORe in Wichita Kansas Sept 29-30, 2012 Day 1, 9am-4pm. Day 2, 9am-1pm. Lunch (organic and vegetarian) included both days.​ New for the September class: Case studies from my own practice and also more background from the Russian Science … Continue reading

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Atira Moon: Marcia McCoy Returns and CORe Class Reminder

Marcia McCoy, international artist and conduit of Source in Silence high frequency Energy is in Kansas, 2012 for several events starting April 25 – May 9th. Don’t miss her and her colleagues, see calendar: Calendar Snapshot: Details Below April 25 … Continue reading

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New Earth Journey to Host CORe Workshop May 5-6, 2012

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching my very first CORe Workshop near Wichita Kansas in a few short weeks at our lovely Atira Moon Farm. The Cell and Organ Regeneration (CORe) Program is a consciousness based … Continue reading

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Steven Jones and Visitors to Atira Moon

Steven Jones and his lovely wife Anne Ashley Jones are in America once again in 2011 on Book Tour number 2. His first official engagement and book talk will be held in Wichita tomorrow night, Friday October 21, 2011 at … Continue reading

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