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Cellular and Organ Regeneration (CORe) Class September 29-30 in Kansas

Announcing ​CORe in Wichita Kansas Sept 29-30, 2012 Day 1, 9am-4pm. Day 2, 9am-1pm. Lunch (organic and vegetarian) included both days.​ New for the September class: Case studies from my own practice and also more background from the Russian Science … Continue reading

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George Carlin Wisdom

From his “15 Rules to Live By”. Reading number 9 made me laugh out loud. 9. Beware of intuition and gut instincts, they are completely unreliable. Instead, develop preconceived notions and don’t waver unless someone tells you to. Then change … Continue reading

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Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Support Forum Story

“But Dolores…I’m going to have questions,”  I said. The year was 2008. I had just finished Dolores’ class, which at the time was called “Past Life Regression Therapy.”  Dolores smiled and said sincerely, “Just call the office; we’ll get your … Continue reading

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Would the Following Change Your View of TV if it were True?

What if you could view a series of 3 supposedly separate, unique video news clips?  For purposes of this discussion let’s say one from the Virginia Tech shootings, then another one of an “Occupy” event and the last one a … Continue reading

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