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Readers’ Questions on QHHT. Sadness, Healing and Connection.

Dear Candace, I was wondering something about the healing potential of the SC (The Higher Self.) Is anything possible? For example, I have heard of miraculous healing of someone’s spine, but say someone has a broken tooth, would the SC … Continue reading

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Joren Kinnetz’ “Three Spirits” QHHT Session

Joren Kinnetz is a friend and a colleague who practices Quantum Healing Hypnosis. ┬áToday he is a guest author on New Earth Journey’s Blog and tells us the story of a recent client’s QHHT session with “spirits.” The Three Spirits … Continue reading

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Our imagination is the most important faculty we possess. It can be our greatest resource or our most formidable adversary. It is through our imagination that we discern possibilities and options. Yet imagination is no mere blank slate on which … Continue reading

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