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Batter Up! Lou Gehrig Returns to the Plate in 2014?

Here is an out-of-this-world story for baseball fans young and old: What would you say to the notion of the reincarnated Lou Gehrig returning to life on planet Earth? Preposterous? Or simply the circle of life as accepted by many … Continue reading

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Is the Human Body a Projection of Consciousness? (Reblogged article)

There is nothing very “new” in this article, but its a well written piece by Brandon West and comprehensive summary of idea of the mind being non-local, that we are rapidly blinking in and out of a physical reality, and … Continue reading

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QHHT Case Study: Anxiety and Diabetes

Not long ago a college-age young man came for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. He came quite a long ways and was accompanied by his mother. The main complaint was severe anxiety and type 1 diabetes. He was checking his … Continue reading

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Nightmares Not Accepted

It is a rare event for me to have a “bad” dream and I haven’t had a nightmare in many years. I did have the occasional nightmare as a child and young adult but I learned a long time ago … Continue reading

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There are a lot of us looking up lately. The blood moon lunar eclipse of a few days ago had many eyes trained to the skies and people talking about the stars and planets and the cosmos. Another astrological event … Continue reading

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