A Dream Describing our Layered Reality

Last night in the dream state, I was shown this:

My consciousness floating just outside or disconnected from the earth, from 3D reality. From this vantage point I can come “down” to the earth and choose my “entry point” to experience my reality. (or really ANY 3d reality, as will be explained)

The way the entry point was shown was thus: A film strip. I could scan the film strip and choose the “frame” I wanted to then, drop down into that frame and begin to experience, or live my “movie” from that point. I could choose a “time” early or middle or late in any life. I could choose any day or any minute.

From a broader perspective, it seemed as if the earth itself was COMPOSED of infinite strips of film all wound around each other, much like a ball of yarn. As you get closer you can see an individual “string” of film strips, and as you get even closer, you see the “string” of film strips is comprised of individual fibers, also more film strips! All were intertwined and CONNECTED.

Now: Imagine looking at a ball of yarn, the yarn strand, the individual strands that make up the main strand and then the hair fibers that make up the individual strands.

What was indicated was: My life was say, an individual string of yarn. (Or at least my life that I was currently focusing on.) I could choose to experience my life differently by choosing a different strand in the string to focus upon.

I could even, with intent, choose to leave my “string” and experience other lives if I wished to do so.

End of Dream-state

More and more it is shown to me, in dreams and in intuitive flashes how to conceive of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings.

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6 Responses to A Dream Describing our Layered Reality

  1. Joy says:

    As a child I use to see myself sitting on the edge of a bluff and down below me all of human history was playing out. I was picking what I wanted to be that day… or moment. I did it on a fairly regular basis. I suppose I was deciding who I would be this time. 😉

    • OOOOHhhh I love that. As a kid I remember sitting and thinking; remember remember, I know I am supposed to remember something. hee hee.

      And, I didn’t say so but your last comment RE:church made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.

  2. Mark says:

    Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. Where can I go to learn more about training myself to remember my dreams and not just the ones that startle me awake?

    • Hi Mark!

      A certain someone I know (ahem) used to say he could not remember his dreams. That has changed. Here are a couple of tips that work well for most. Number one: INTENT. Say (even out loud)” I remember my dreams”. Not I will, but I DO remember my dreams. Say it often and especially just before sleep.

      When you first open your eyes. Do not move. Don’t turn over or move an arm or anything. Stay still, search your mind for a snippet of what you might have dreamt and when you get that snippet often you can pull in the rest of your dream.

      And the classic tip that I use nearly every morning: I journal my dreams. Now if I am in a big hurry, I might just jot a very brief note or just key words. For instance, if I was noting the layered dream described in this post I would say: Earth, filmstrip, ball of yarn. Then later the recall would all return.

      In my opinion, this time of evolution/ascension and earth changes our dreams are more important than ever.

      Sweet Dreams!


  3. I’ve always imagined a year as a path, like a strip of tape, stretching in front of me. I see it from the start of the year. It dips down gradually to June and July, and then gradually climbs back up to the end of the year. When I think of where we are in the year, I position myself on that strip.

    Reading your archives.

    Did you say yarn? LOL!

    • newearthjourney says:

      Martha, you sweetie! Thank you for your comment. Sorry I did not see this reply until today. When in France I was with someone in love with yarn like you…it was fun to watch her knit and when we were in the weaving and yarn shop in Montsegeur.


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