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Are there Darwin Awards for Squirrels?

Or would that be redundant? Here on Atira Moon we make it a point to talk to all of the animals and we have had some amazing experiences. Today when I was leaving to run errands, I (ahem) “ran into” … Continue reading

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Obama Food Safety Czar is Former Monsanto VP/Lawyer

…Michael R. Taylor. Food Freedom? Not from this administration.

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Remember What Your Mother Told You

Anyone not completely asleep is aware of the increase in UFO sightings and other unusual orb and light phenomenon occurring on the planet lately. As you might imagine, there are many theories about what, exactly, is happening out there. Who … Continue reading

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Days of DRY (Part 4)

The grass was cut, rolled up and baled. It was an astonishing yield. Truly. These are giant, heavy, tightly rolled bales of prairie hay weighing at least 1000 lbs each. No way. No way could we have gotten that many … Continue reading

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Days of DRY (Part 3)

Putting up hay. Its that time of year bales start to appear in fields across the country and I have been thinking so much about the land. Farmers and ranchers have been cutting and saving grass to feed their livestock … Continue reading

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