The Bouncing Orange Orb

In the past, I have seen a single white orb, glowing ball of cool white fire up close, as in touching my daughter’s hand while she was standing near me. I have seen blue “blinking” orbs with my husband that floated and followed us despite strong winds. These we saw several times at our home in Texas.

But the orb I saw last Sunday was orange and, nothing like I have seen before and at first, I could not tell what it was, but, that’s what makes this a good story.

I was taking the garbage out Sunday right as it was getting dark when I saw an orange light in the distance. Now I saw this light north of our farmhouse and wondered what it was. Similar orange lights are visible south of our home in the far distance. These lights are gas burn offs from the area oil well drilling operations, and they are about a mile or more away.

But seeing the orange light North of our house stopped me in my tracks. I did not recall any such a light there before. And then, as I was standing there puzzled and wondering what I was seeing, (only cows were north of our home. There really is nothing out here) the ball of orange light got a little larger and, started to bounce!

Below is a photograph taken the next day, and the orange dots are drawn on the photo to illustrate the story.

Now I was not sure what I was seeing. And to add to this story, something else happened earlier in the day that sort of plays into what happened.

Twice, earlier in the day I saw a small red compact car drive very slowly past our house. Now we live on acreage way out in the country, the kind of land and property you’d move to and use a company like Cars Relo to transport your car for you, as driving out here to transport your vehicles could prove quite time-dependant and stressful. Just take my tractor as an example, it was a considerable pain to get it to my new place of residence. The road we live by, cars drive 55mph on the road, but our house is set back quite away. I saw the red car once when I was on our tractor in the hay field and then, later, when I was in the garden by the house, this car drove by again very slowly in the other direction.

This was quite odd and really never happens, and not many cars pass our home the whole day.

Back to the orange light.

I thought it was very far away, like a mile or more when I first saw it. But,
when it started to “bounce” and move toward me, I realized the light was closer. MUCH closer. It was on the corner of our property, with our hedge tree line right behind it.

Now I still, even after all these years, try to come up with logical
explanations for these things and this night was no different. The light, as far away as it was, could *could* have been a cigarette, and the bounce could have been the cigarette in someone’s mouth. And that bouncing orange was headed toward me and I was alone. I thought of the red car. Maybe that car was back and parked by my corner and a smoking someone was coming to visit and crawled over our fence to do so. Not very comforting!

So, I went inside and did what any good wife would do, I locked my doors and called my husband and told him about the odd orange light. Well, he is a good husband and worried about me. We talked for a while, I told him about the red car. Well that did it. We decided it would be prudent to call the sheriff. So, I did.

A very nice young deputy arrived soon after wards. He said they would search the outbuildings at our place when his partner arrived. He was so nice and (I could really tell) he was happy to be actually DOING something and not driving his beat. He loved his job and was on an exciting assignment!

We of course could see nothing in my yard after he rang the bell, and I told him about the red car… and that I thought I saw someone with a cigarette walking on our property. But the more I described that, the more I realized the light was far too large to be coming from a lit cigarette.

When his partner arrived we walked around and said hello to the horses, still seeing nothing. I got to meet our local deputies and I found out they drive by our house twice a night. So, I was feeling good about the call to the sheriff, even though nothing was happening.

As they left, they shone the really big police spotlights on my hedge tree row AND down my driveway, from their two cars, quite a distance apart. Those two lights lit up my whole front yard.

And, while they were doing this, I was standing in the driveway watching.

AND THEN THE ORB RETURNED. It shone even through the big police spotlights. It was then, just north of our road, about 40 feet from where I saw it the first time, and not more than 20 yards from one of the deputies. Apparently, neither officer saw the orange bouncing globe of light but it was much closer to them than it was to me. It bounced a while and then it left pretty much at the same time as the officers drove away.

I stood there sort of dumbfounded. I would think if the officer(s) would have seen the ball of light, they would have stopped and investigated, but they did not so I have to assume they did not see it at all.

I went exploring the next day and I knew a house used to stand there on the other side of the road. Just the foundation remains. Its so old it has a dirt basement! But nothing there was found to create any sort of light, bouncing or otherwise.

Here is what the remains of this old house look like up close:

I spent the next several nights looking for the orange orb after sunset, but I have not seen it again. However, the next night when I was waiting, and began to document this account, I walked into the garage and the light bulb exploded over my head. Noting that interesting fact, I went inside and let the dogs out onto the patio. I turned on that bank of lights and another light exploded.

Then the following night I looked again, with again no orb sightings. But, once again, after going inside, turning on a light switch, yet another patio light exploded.

Something electromagnetic is going on, at the farm, and probably, all over our planet. I am sure of it.

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4 Responses to The Bouncing Orange Orb

  1. Bill says:

    Really interesting, Candace. Thanks for that.

    Orbs are emerging more and more into people’s awareness. I’ve been paying attention to this phenomenon.
    They are associated with some crop circles.
    They are photographed near Mayan pyramids.
    They are being seen in association with ghosts/hauntings.

    I think you’re right on the money, bringing up the electromagnetic association. Specifically, I think, it is the activity of the fourth state of matter: plasma.

    I’m beginning to think that plasma has some kind of equivalence to consciousness.
    Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun take the form of plasma. Those CMEs are becoming more frequent and affect our Mother Earth, and most likely, us too. This may tie into Galactic evolution and 2012.

    As far as people being aware of them, I think it’s a function of the vibration of the person perceiving them. For example, in your account, you saw the orb but the officers did not.

    Excellent post. Let’s keep our antennae up!

    Peace and Love,

    • Hi Bill

      Doing the Cannon Method, I have learned everything has some type of consciousness, rocks, water, even machines, so yes, why not plasma?

      And YES I think the connection to our sun and our position in planetary and cosmic alignment is also part of the puzzle.

      I like to think even this orange orb had some intelligence behind it too. I mean, there I was standing in the driveway, still wondering “What did I see?” And in response, it returned, practically right next to the deputy, and within spotlights!

  2. Mark says:

    First of all, glad you’re okay and there are no smoking pervs stalking around even though you have plenty of 4 legged protectors around and I’m sure winged ones who would peck at the intruders head!

    Believe I’m probably not tuned in like the good deputies that came out when called. I would very much like to be and would find it fasinating just no exploding light bulbs please.

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