Are You an ET Experiencer?

A great deal of my clients are. Actually a few of my really good friends are as well. There are more of them out there than you might imagine.  Many keep their stories, their out-of-this-world memories to themselves, out of the fear of being ostracised.

Many, like our friend Steven Jones, author of An Invitation to the Dance, don’t use the term ‘abducted’, preferring to be called ‘experiencer’. It is widely believed that on some deep level, those that have contact, have agreed to the experience.

I’m glad there are those like Steven, who are not afraid to share their experiences. The idea that humans are the “only” intelligent life form in the universe, and no other type has interacted with us is as silly and arrogant as believing the sun and all the planets revolve around us and only us. Some, notably the skeptics, still focus upon this idea of requiring “proof” the event has actually occurred and is not simply some figment of an overactive imagination.

Well assuming our friend Steven isn’t completely fabricating his adventures, have a look at this recent photograph:

Having just been returned from a contact experience where he was fully conscious and aware of what had happened, he returned to his home and wife Annie and they immediately retrieved their blacklight and digital camera and documented the event.

It has been discovered that touches by these other beings, either their hands, fingers, or sometimes technology or equipment, leaves a residue upon human skin that glows under a black light. Steven, aware that he was examined with some sort of device on his temples, head and throat, had Annie put the light to those places on his skin, and sure enough, these odd small circles appeared.

These marks will remain, even after washing, for a number of days after an experience. They are not visible in regular indoor artificial or outside daylight conditions. Annie, although not herself an actual experiencer, has been “touched” by the beings as well as they come to escort Steven out of his home. She then, too, displays these marks visible in the blacklight.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Steven is working on his second book, focusing on the information the other beings have for humanity. If you would be so inclined we are asking for emails to be sent to George Noory at Coast to Coast AM, the world’s largest radio program, to suggest Steven as a featured guest to be interviewed. Here is the address: [email protected].

In the meantime, if you, or anyone you know have had contact, you can get yourself a blacklight to document physical contact if it is an ongoing experience like the kind Steven has, and you can also participate in a new project with Florida’s MUFON Group if you have had any sort of experience at all. All of the important information about the project is included below.

(And I will be sharing more on Steven’s recent experience soon…)

Abduction researcher, author and former International Director of Field Investigator Training, Kathleen Marden, and Denise Stoner, Florida MUFON’s Director of Investigations, are collaborating on an abduction experiencer research project. Their goal is to expand our understanding of the alien abduction phenomenon through the use of two questionnaires. Their findings will be published and presented at the 2012 MUFON International Symposium in Covington, Kentucky. I urge all experiencers of alien abduction to participate in this research. Click here to read the questionnaire and to learn more about this important research

Please Participate Abduction Experiencer Surveys

Please post and/or forward this email to other abductees / experiencers you may know – Thank you.


Kay Wilson

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5 Responses to Are You an ET Experiencer?

  1. Thanx for sharing this information. I am an Experiencer Therapist who has worked with many ET abductee/contactees and continue to do so. Yes, it is very real. I can attest to that, since I am also an Experiencer. I recommendat participating in the research survey talked about in the original post. It’s is being done by a good group of people who don’t have any agendas other than increasing everyone’s understanding about the ET-human contact experience. If you’d like more information about Experiencers and the contact experience, check out my website and blog – and http://[email protected]. Blessings!

    • Hello Gwen,

      Nice to hear from you! Thank you for the comment. More and more regression sessions of my own and of other colleagues are of the ‘experiencer’ type! I am hopeful we as humans are beginning to ‘grow up” so we can play in the big wide world that is this cosmos.

      I encourage all of my readers (even you very quiet ones, :)to visit Gwen’s site and blog.

  2. Drew says:

    We just spoke on the phone, and I had no idea my experience was common. I wrote it down after it happened, and I’ll post it here.


    One night I woke up and I saw a glowing bright blue alien with large almond shaped and very black eyes right next to my bed on the right hand side, with his face very close to my head and chest and as he was staring into my body. After seeing this, we made eye contact for a split second. At this time it communicated telepathically with its eyes. After a couple of seconds it was gone. It didn’t disappear, or run out of the room. I just panicked and sat up in bed to turn a light on, and it was no longer there. This did not feel like a dream in any way. This brief experience was very vivid, it was real, and it scared me s***less. This all happened after a long 10 hour drive to Austin TX, and having listened to two audio books along the way. I believe the books I listened to on this trip had something to do with this encounter. While driving to Austin Texas I listened to Dr. Eban Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven on audiobook. I then in the same trip listened to the first half of the audiobook of “The Game” by Neil Strauss. That night while sleeping, I woke up in the middle of the night, maybe about 3am and for a split second I saw, in vivid color and detail, a blue alien looking being very near my head and body next to my bed. I don’t know if it was kneeling or standing, but didn’t seem very tall, but tall enough to lean over my body in a hotel bed from a kneeling or standing position. It was as if he was looking into my heart Chakra. His body was a vivid bright blue about like this 0001C4. However this blue was more vivid than anything else in the room. As if it was lit from within, like glowing. I could see it, but the room was very dark. His head body and eyes color and general look were “classic alien” in appearance. His eyes were stone cold black and were large and had that exaggerated tear drop shape like the alien eyes you see in pictures. However, these big black eyes were communicating to me telepathically. It seemed as though the eyes were those of the author of the book I listened to in the car. Not Eban Alexander, but that of Neil Straus. The blackness or the shape of the eye didn’t change, but rather their identity. It was as if the eyes belonged to Neal Straus. It’s hard to explain this part. It was a knowing, and not by words but telepathy seems like the best way to describe this knowing that felt as though the eyes were communicating this information to me without words. As if the being was showing me the essence of the author when I looked into its eyes. That essence seemed evil to me. This sense of evil very much spooked and unnerved me. I don’t know if this being was there taking the evil out of my aura that was placed there by listening to the book, or if he was studying the books effect on my energy. I’m not sure on this. I was not given any more backstory as to what this was, who this being was, or why this happened. It all happened in a split second, and it was not a dream in any other way. Immediately after this happened, I turned on the lights and paced around and was very scared. I soon, prayed about it, vowing to not listen to the rest of the book, and prayed to God for his protection. This helped me to fall back asleep. Nothing like this has happened before or since.

  3. Interesting! Thanks so very much for the comment and detailed story. We have loads to talk about. I had to look up the Strauss book you mentioned- made the story even more fascinating. So much to explore- many levels and layers.

    Thanks for the call and I look forward to more communication!



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