Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift. A NEJ Workshop Feb 23-24.

Well we made it! It is past December 2012 and we are still here, the world did not end. Everything is just exactly like it was before… or is it?

Humanity most certainly went through a significant SHIFT last month! I have seen dramatic changes in my own personal reality and life, and many of my friends, colleagues and clients are experiencing something similar.

There have been real energetic changes to our planet and to our physical bodies and to our energetic selves. Many people feel these changes, and yet, many more do not.  Understanding what has happened to our reality can help you ride with the waves of this change. Denying or fighting this new way of being will most likely make your life much more difficult.

“Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift”
February 23-24, 2013

I am holding this class in KANSAS next month for all of those interested in some basic understanding of the “new” energies and how they apply to Consciousness and healing.

This workshop Includes CORe Cellular and Organ Regeneration techniques and participation in a group QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Dolores Cannon) style group Regression.

The class will either be a one day or a two day event depending on the participant’s needs and goals.

Day one 9am-5pm will be an overview of current Consciousness based healing theories and techniques including the QHHT group regression. Selected methods of CORe will be experienced and taught for personal use. Cost 195 dollars.

Includes class materials and organic vegetarian lunch.

Day two 9am-? will be for Healing Practitioners interested in adding CORe to their healing tool box in treating others professionally and will include workbooks and practice and all materials necessary to be able to teach this class themselves (after experience with the method)  in the future. Cost 55 dollars.

Includes expanded workbook and organic vegetarian lunch.

By request: Those who have already attended a CORe workshop, whether or not it was taught by me or another teacher, who have the workbook in hand may attend and participate at a greatly reduced rate. Please email me for specific details.

Location: The lovely Atira Moon farm, east and south of Wichita Kansas.

Reserve your space today by emailing Candace at [email protected]

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10 Responses to Consciousness Based Healing After the Great Shift. A NEJ Workshop Feb 23-24.

  1. noelhoot says:

    Any chance a similar workshop will be offered in Austin ?


    • Candace Craw-Goldman says:

      Hi Noel!

      Thanks for the question. I actually am considering it and in fact, if I had enough interest I would absolutely hold the class here. Two things are uppermost in my mind when thinking about Austin classes. One–I stay fully booked up with QHHT sessions when I am here and am booked months in advance. So time is limited. Also and this is even a bigger issue: Austin has an ABUNDANCE of metaphysical classes. So many to choose from almost too many. A class like mine kind of gets lost in the crowd ;). This is not the case in Kansas.

      So any of you out there reading this post in Texas and are interested in such a class, do reply or send me an email!


  2. Susan Aono says:

    Hi Candace,
    I love how you’ve changed the CORe class format, you’re so creative! And it also includes lunch! What a deal! Would love to attend but I live a little too far away. I would highly recommend this class to those who are interested, you won’t regret it.

    • Candace Craw-Goldman says:

      Susan I wish you and your loving energy could join us. I hope to see you again someday soon. Many hugs and blessings to you and yours. Candace

  3. Noel Hoot says:

    Candance have you considered using your meetup forum format. I see you have a meetup page for Austin. You can email your list and ask them to join that meetup page for Austin if they have not already. From there post the class as temporary – depending on how many people accept the class in meetup- that way you can get your tally– make sense. Also you can ask for prepayment in Austin– with statement you need a certain amount to pay for the space and your time. just a thought. Also your current Austin meetup page mentions doing bimonthly group gatherings for hypnosis?? I would definitely be interested

    • Candace Craw-Goldman says:

      Hi Noel

      I appreciate your enthusiasm! I have a meeting today to discuss the future of NEJ Austin, I do admit I have let the group lapse. Stay tuned for info very soon. Promise.


  4. Noel Hoot says:

    I Totally understand. energies coming in now soo fast. I have literally observed friends manifest within minutes- not days, months or year but minutes!! – and they were not even aware – but I was I could see it. Some much swirly fast pace stuff. So my intent is never to overwhelm you but where you feel called to and where it fits for you – set up something to assist Austinites. I think the lid is coming off and people are going to need HELP very soon. !!

  5. I just had a QHHT session and could not be hypnotised nor regressed. Had this every happened to you?

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