Eating Organically. A Child’s Lesson.

Most people I know still buy conventional food. Why? Well you know why. Either they don’t know or care about organic food or they use the ever popular reason:  “Its cheaper.” Hmmm.

Well what price for your health? And possibly, the health of your future progeny?

Here is a youtube clip of an adorable young person who found out, in a brilliantly simple elementary school experiment, the real difference between a “conventional” sweet potato and an “organic” sweet potato. She ends this 2.5 minute video clip with the question: “Which potato would you rather eat?”

Indeed. Well done young lady, well done.


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2 Responses to Eating Organically. A Child’s Lesson.

  1. It should be mentioned that organic food does not inherently need to cost more at all. On the contrary, as soon as more people buy it than “conventional” food the price will plummet. Its happening. Slowly but surely. It is happening.

  2. Susan Aono says:

    Thank you for sharing this awesome science project. Hopefully her classmates will share the results w/ their parents so the parents will be willing to buy organic food.

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