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Marcia McCoy on Pre Human History and Portals

I am so looking forward to seeing Marcia step foot into the circle at Atira Moon!  Here is what she has to say about Pre Human History and Portals. Pre Human History, Portals One of my memories of Earth was … Continue reading

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Atira Moon – The Native American Connection Part 2

I recently drove near the place where I had my spontaneous past life memory oh so many long years ago.It used to be a dirt road that took me to the piece of prairie I loved so much. Now it … Continue reading

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Atira Moon Gets Ready

I took a break from writing part 2 of Atira Moon’s Native American Connection and walked outside to take this little video before the sun sets tonight.

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Organics? Can’t Trust ‘Em!

The following conversation took place in a local grocery store in Andover, Kansas, USA. Young Cashier -“Wow, it looks like all of your food order is organic.” Me- “Yes. Its nice your store has made more organic choices available.” Young … Continue reading

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Atira Moon: The Native American Connection. Part 1

“Aitra” is the Pawnee Indian word for Earth. Tom came up with the name for the farm and I think I like it more each time I say or write the words. My husband often plays down how intuitive he … Continue reading

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Sacred Site Circle Makes its Presence Known

The vision I had on Atira Moon of the Column of Light was personally very moving.  But having others comment on the space, provided confirmation to me that the vision was valid and further exploration has become not only necessary … Continue reading

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Source in Silence

Two days after having the vision of the light column I received an email flier about Marcia McCoy and Source in Silence. I did not know Marcia, or know what Source in Silence was. There was not a great amount … Continue reading

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