Marcia McCoy on Pre Human History and Portals

I am so looking forward to seeing Marcia step foot into the circle at Atira Moon!  Here is what she has to say about Pre Human History and Portals.

Pre Human History, Portals

One of my memories of Earth was a pre human time.
The planet was a beautiful orb, well known throughout the
galaxies. Very beautiful and teeming with creations in
the garden. Entities would come to earth from all over and
it was a gathering place. On the earth was is an energetic
network of portals like lace. Each portal had properties
or energetic frequencies for a variety of activations.
Entities of all kinds would come here and visit various
spots for tune ups.

Current Human History
As humans began living here they would migrate or
pilgrimage to these portals. They began marking some
of them with stones, mounds, temples, shrines, churches.

The portals on the planet are in activation. To experience
the energies within them simply show up. Nothing else is
required. No structures or objects. We all have within our
energetic matrix the codex codes for activation. By simply
standing, sitting or laying in a portal you are activating your

Some of the results of activation is spontaneous healing,
a shift to accessing and vibrating at higher frequencies,
jettison through the portals into other dimensions, galaxies
and planets.

-Marcia McCoy (Source in Silence)

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4 Responses to Marcia McCoy on Pre Human History and Portals

  1. Mark says:

    CCG – Mixed emotions thinking about what you have there at AM. Certainly mostly positive but also a little worried for your safety regarding those that don’t understand and probably never will and those who are just plain nuts.

    That said it is very exciting to think about.

  2. Hello Dear Mark!

    Thank you for your concern and yes, of course, we acknowledge where we are here in biblebelt land and how this can “look” to others with a totally different mindset. If/when asked by those, I concentrate on conventional words like prayer and gratitude to God, which is utterly truthful, and often eases their suspicion.

    We also call upon Archangel Micheal to keep us safe and I personally (this year of turning 50) have decided to eliminate all fear from my life. I have learned that being fearful of something creates an energy signature that actually draws or creates the exact thing one is fearful of!

    I try and choose rather, to create love, healing and gratitude and therefore, hope to attract only that to my life and our life here at Atira Moon.

    So…send me a good photo of you and Helen, eh? I can/will put it on our board for Tuesday’s session if you would like.


  3. Carole Neary says:

    Hi Candace,
    What a wonderful entry! I would love to experience the energy of a portal. How, as humans, can we locate them?

  4. Good question Carole. My own personal story is on this blog…the light column “dream”. People discover them in many ways, dowsing, intuition, experiences…or REGRESSIONS 🙂
    Thanks for the comment.

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