Mike Adams on the Japan Earthquake – Nuclear Reactor

You cannot blame this disaster on Mother Nature.

Ultimately, for anyone who observes this situation with wisdom, you must point the finger at the short-sightedness of human beings and the egoistic, arrogant belief in “science” that thinks clever technology can somehow overcome the laws of inevitability.

-Mike Adams, Health Ranger

These words from a man schooled in the sciences and determined to make life better for humanity.

Why humans think they and their man-made structures are outside of the planet’s ecosystem is just baffling to me. Building a nuclear reactor anywhere on Earth is like building a brick home (or a sand castle) on the beach at low tide.  There is no such a thing as a permanent structure. Mother Nature will prevail, you cannot go inside of your house, put your head under a pillow and escape this fact.

I think its interesting to observe that many who eschew the concept of God, tend to replace that concept with their own “god”. Theirs is the god of science and technology.

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