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Introducing: Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Information Network

Dolores has an online, worldwide, Community of Dedicated Practitioners who help support each other using her QHH method by sharing stories and comparing notes. The goal of the Quantum Healing Information Network is to bring together some of these Dedicated … Continue reading

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“The What If?” Game – Exercise your Right Brain.

If you suspect you are primarily a left-brained person and you wish to enhance your creative and imaginative abilities, there are many “exercises” and games that will stimulate the right hemisphere of your brain. One of my favorites is called … Continue reading

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Jim Self on Judgment

So many people are walking around mad. Or self-righteous. Or both. Most of the time they are looking outside of themselves, at someone else, or a situation and feeling completely justified and, well, superior. They have thoughts like, “If only … Continue reading

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