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2017 and the New Creation Energies

We are only halfway through the first month of the year but it has been extraordinarily rich and productive for almost everyone I know. 2017 seems to have some sort of special turbo powered energetic boost available to help create … Continue reading

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Dividing Lines

Life can be so surreal. Last week and this week at the Holiday Inn in Springdale Arkansas, while the Tyson company was doing its Tyson things nearby, and the Walmart group was being as Walmart as possible in the room … Continue reading

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Introducing: Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Information Network

Dolores has an online, worldwide, Community of Dedicated Practitioners who help support each other using her QHH method by sharing stories and comparing notes. The goal of the Quantum Healing Information Network is to bring together some of these Dedicated … Continue reading

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Common Questions I am asked as a Dolores Cannon Practitioner

How did you come to practice QHHT? In 2008 I had a profound spiritual experience with my personal “Council of Light.” I was given a list of three things I needed to do to be healed of the chronic pain … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for 2012, and the New Earth, with Dolores Cannon

Just a few more hours and we will be entering 2012. What does our future hold? There are plenty of groups and people offering guesses and predictions. I’m sure nearly all of you have heard of the Mayan Calendar. Hollywood … Continue reading

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