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Every day I get phonecalls and letters from people inquiring about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s work. Today I was about to answer the following email when I asked permission of this person if I could answer these questions in public via my blog.

Hi Candace,

I contacted you earlier this summer and you were able to help me find a QHHT Practitioner close by, so thanks for that. Since my session I have bought many of Dolores Cannon’s books and watched a ton of her videos, I even bought Julia Cannon’s book Soul Speak. I’ve had an incredible awakening and awesome journey these past 5 months.

I like to think of myself as someone with a pretty open mind and find that most people say they are open minded but really aren’t. So I’m going to ask you a couple of questions that have been driving me a little crazy.

The first question:

 Ok so why would Source energy/God make us (no free choice) go through the life review process and have to reincarnate? I don’t think anyone can get rid of karma 100 percent, no way. So it seems we all just keep coming back 🙁 and can’t escape.

Second question:

Dolores has said in many of her videos “We can’t  know our past lives when we come back” and also says “It wouldn’t be a test if we knew the answers”. This doesn’t make sense to me, why would Source Energy/God test us? Isn’t that kind of mean? Is it possible there is something more sinister going on here? What am I missing? I’m hoping for peace of mind.



Hi Lee

I’m glad you found the QHHT helpful and healing for your life. Let me see if I can answer these questions for you with Dolores’ teachings and the information that QHHT has brought to the world in mind as I do.

First of all, God/Source tells us repeatedly that the choice to incarnate is ours alone. No one or no power “makes” us do anything. We truly are our own creator, we are a PART of God that is experiencing Himself through us by providing the sense of separation while we are experiencing life as a human being.

The life review process is also a choice and it is our own higher aspect or soul that is reviewing the life just lived. No one judges us, we truly judge ourselves! If you find yourself in judgment by another, you are being deceived!

Dolores believes that karma is in fact coming to an end with life on this planet as we evolve our consciousness. I have to agree. In every QHHT session I faciliate, I inquire about remaining karmic contracts, connections or debts for my clients. A good number of clients come to their sessions already having released all remaining karma, and nearly all of the rest of them release any remaining karma during the session itself.

Anyone can release all karma and also, any contracts they have made to give up their sovereignty. Simply ask for forgiveness from, and for, any person either physically in real life, or if that is not possible silently imagine your Higher Self addressing and forgiving and asking for forgiveness of any other Higher Self.

For the second part, state out loud that you revoke any and all contracts or agreements that you have ever made in this incarnation or in any other, and that you had agreed to give up your energy or sovereignty.

It truly is that easy if you do this from your heart. It cannot hurt to do this daily along with your prayers, and be sure to concentrate on peace and gratitude!

You have agreed to a physical existence as a human being for expansion and growth for your soul to benefit the expansion of God/Source so that it may KNOW ITSELF.

Before entering the human vehicle you yourself created a plan of sorts for your life. You had goals you wished to accomplish, things you wished to experience or learn during this particular life. But if you already knew what all of those things were, or how it would all turn out, it wouldn’t quite be the same as if you had a clean slate on which to discover those things. That is what Dolores means by “test.”

For example, you might enter a life with one great goal to learn what it feels like to be completely dependent upon another human being, perhaps by being “disabled” in some way. But, if during that life you still turned away everyone who wished to assist you, or help you, because you insisted on being independent despite your “disability,” you would not be experiencing what you set out to experience.

It is during the life review that one is able to see how they fared with their goals for that existence. It is very common for souls to repeat similar lives again and again to be able to thoroughly understand and learn things like compassion, forgiveness, humility or grace. And some lives are simply lived to learn about things like patience, or how to have joy or passion in thoroughly human endeavors like dancing or painting or singing.

So, no one is testing us but us, and there is nothing mean or sinister going on whatsoever. Truly!

We are right in the middle of a tremendous shift of consciousness and growth in human history. Every person on this planet has agreed to be here at this auspicious time.

We are in the middle of this amazing and exhilarating ride. So, do try to enjoy yourself! Find and follow your passion or your bliss. Afterall, it is why you are here, Lee.

Much love,


-For more information about QHHT and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, see DoloresCannon.com

Permission to share this article is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way and contains this source information and copyright notice. Copyright 2013 Candace Craw-Goldman. newearthjourney.com

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6 Responses to QHHT Questions

  1. Leslie Parsons says:

    You said: “……there is nothing mean or sinister going on whatsoever.” Denial of negative aspects is a fearful stance. A mature soul would be able to face evil and figure out a healthy solution for our society. When Kerry Cassidy asked Delores about negative forces, on our planet, her response was: “I was told not to go there.” Who told her that and why?

    • Candace Craw-Goldman says:

      Hello Leslie and thanks for your comment.

      I don’t know what Dolores said or who “told” her information in regards to this situation but I can make an educated comment about the subject at hand.

      This is a very* very* old argument in metaphysical circles, one not easily solved here or anywhere. I can tell you that I agree with Dolores (and Teal Scott and Bashar and Jim Self and a host of others) when she states that we are so very powerful and create our own realities, and if you focus upon negative and “evil” things you will bring all of those lower vibrating energies to you.

      Which world would you like to live in?

      There is only energy and how it is used. It is your perception of “good and evil” that judges and labels it such.

      Teal Scott just had a great video on fear…and perception.

      So much of our complex reactions to these conversations has to do with human labeling. Often, we are really agreeing with each other, we just are disagreeing by choosing different labels.

      Dolores often says “Fear is for entertainment purposes only.” She also claims never to have found a “posessed” person in any of her sessions. Me either and with this concept “evil” and possession, Teal Scott agrees. When she said “Not to go there” I believe she meant that focusing on fear or lower vibrating constructs brings them to you. Who told her? The “SC” in all of her books I suspect…the collective Consciousness, the Super Conscious.

      This doesn’t mean lower vibrating energy is not abundant and not destructive, it most certainly is…there is just no reason to think we are powerless to it or are victims to others (in this realm or any other.) What she is saying is that it is a choice…on some level. Maybe not a conscious choice, but it IS a choice.

      I know many people will disagree and that is okay.

      Our realities are side by side, sometimes like overlays…I definitely won’t tell another person how to believe in their world! Just as I defintely won’t accept another telling me how to believe in mine.


      • Leslie Parsons says:

        Hello Candace –

        Thank you for this well thought out reply. I guess everything is a shade of gray. I spend most of my time in the “positive” side. I help people with organic gardening issues and questions and grow a large garden of my own. However, some could say that this is “negative” because many organic gardeners do so, because they are afraid of eating pesticides and GMO foods.

        There are great numbers of people all over the earth, who are making big changes in our world. Most of them were triggered by some injustice or negative reality. We cannot avert our eyes when we see wrong being done. We feel we are ONE with all of humanity and all of creation. If one of us is hungry, we are all hungry. A poor man is shame upon us all. We have been manipulated to believe that we live in a world of scarcity. This is a lie. We actually live in a world of unlimited abundance.

        I have know several people who have tried to create a dreamworld of “positive thoughts”, in order to avoid any difficult experiences. But, I have not seen that produce a joyful life for them. They seem more superstitious, cold-hearted and cowardly.

        I know that your work helps people, but if you were unwilling to deal with these troubled folks, how could you help them and why would you even want to?

  2. Leslie, I loved reading your reply! Especially the part about living in a world of unlimited abundance. How amazing our planet will be when more people think this way.

    We as QHHT Practitioners absolutely deal with all kinds of people including troubled folks…we often just try to reframe ways of looking at things in much the way you do, more positively and with SOVEREIGNTY and self powerment as a goal.

    We have been “programed” in such a negative “small” way for so very long, we as a species have a hard time grasping how powerful we actually are!

    Thank you again for the conversation.


  3. Dear Candace:

    You did an awesome job answering these very important questions for them. I am sure they helped them. Hugs, Kathyann.

  4. Sue Ann Roy says:

    Thank you for posting this and answering some of these questions in your words..You are always so thoughtful and empowering..Sue Ann

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