QHHT and “Making it Up.”

Dolores Cannon teaches her amazing technique of Quantum Healing Hypnosis all over the world in live classes (and now, online too!)

I have had the honor and pleasure to assist Dolores with the most recent live advanced level classes in Arkansas. As part of the training, we are “role playing” on stage, for the benefit of all of the class participants.

Those assisting in the class have been taking turns playing “client.”

Here in her latest class, I am playing the part of the “client” in a QHHT session while the lovely Ann Ritter, a Dedicated Practitioner from Phoenix, Arizona, plays the role of hypnotist. What is important to emphasize about this story, and the reason I am writing this article, is that we are “pretending” to have a QHHT session. We are not having an official or “real” session in the way that a client has an authentic session with a qualified Practitioner.

"Mock" QHHT Session

“Mock” QHHT Session

To repeat, in the above photo I have not had a classic hypnotic induction. The idea is that we present different situations and mock scenarios for all in the room to watch and from which to learn. We simply “jump right in” and begin pretending we are in hypnosis.

And that is the point of the story right there. Pretending to experience another “life” of some kind seemed to be, at least for me, not possible.

Let me explain.

Each time I began to pretend to experience a life, I slipped right into the experience so fully, and so vividly, that pretending simply wasn’t happening. Yes, we started the scene by pretending, but nearly as soon as we started to pretend, something happened. The scenes became real, the experience became real, the life viewed became real, just like in a real session!

Multiple times this happened. We would begin with a “fabricated” scene but all the details, images, and sensory information was created for us to explore as in a full blown, real QHHT session as we were asked questions about our experience.

Tears would flow, information provided, unique scenes explored. In one memorable mock session I felt my heart pound frantically as I was entering a traumatic scene in one of my “pretend” lives. Amazing!

None of these things are a surprise in an authentic QHHT session, we as Practitioners see this every day in sessions, but we were trying to pretend!

After the Mock Session.

After the Mock Session.

There is much to ponder about what exactly is happening here and how it is happening energetically. I’m sure I will write about this subject more in the future. But for today, and for the future QHHT clients who are reading this article, I want to simply emphasize this point: Allow yourself to use your imagination in a session. It is a powerful doorway to a profound experience.

If you have to, you can feel free to even go so far as to “make it up.”

In other words, pretend! 

-For more information about Quantum Healing and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, and a practitioner near you, see QuantumHealingPractitioners.com

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