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Water is the Conductor of Thought

Dedicated Quantum Healing Practitioner, Alice Mixer, had a client recently who was a clear conduit channel. Masaru Emoto came through for her client Nicole Dykstra in a QHHT session. ┬áNicole later sent this message channeled from him with instructions from … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Water, Dolores Cannon and Masaru Emoto

In the beginning of the dream I found myself walking near an ocean- a beautiful expansive and very familiar ocean. The water was so soft, inviting and sparkly. Up ahead I saw a pavilion. It was a very large pavilion, … Continue reading

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Dolores Cannon Teaching in the Dreamstate

Here is another dream communication I had from Dolores Cannon. Presented in classic Cannon form, straightforward and easy enough for anyone to understand. I hope you find the information beneficial. Here is my dream! Dolores, you are back! I am … Continue reading

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Readers’ Questions on QHHT. Sadness, Healing and Connection.

Dear Candace, I was wondering something about the healing potential of the SC (The Higher Self.) Is anything possible? For example, I have heard of miraculous healing of someone’s spine, but say someone has a broken tooth, would the SC … Continue reading

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QHHT Case Study: Scarred Lungs and Asthma – Healed

A lovely woman contacted me for a QHHT session and described the reason she wanted to have this experience in this way: “I am a healer, and I believe, a good one. I have helped many of my clients have … Continue reading

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Is the Human Body a Projection of Consciousness? (Reblogged article)

There is nothing very “new” in this article, but its a well written piece by Brandon West and comprehensive summary of idea of the mind being non-local, that we are rapidly blinking in and out of a physical reality, and … Continue reading

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Change is Mandatory

Change is necessary for healing. Mandatory. There is a reason anyone experiences illness, dis-ease of any kind, or even has an “accident”. Discover the reason behind your issue, address it, make a change and you can have healing.

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