How to Choose a QHHT Practitioner that is Right for You.

Every day I get calls and emails from around the world from people who would like me to help them find a QHHT Practitioner that is right for them. I am happy to help as I do know many practitioners both personally and professionally. That being said, here are some questions you can ask and some things you can think about to help you choose the right person yourself.

1. Do they have a website? Most who take their practice seriously do. Also, do visit the website and have a look around. How is the information presented and how does the site itself make you feel? If the site is busy and haphazard, perhaps so is that person. On the other hand, If the site is serene and welcoming, perhaps so is she and her office.

2. Is there a phone number provided? I suggest at least a few minutes live telephone chat if possible. You can get a real feel for a person through their voice and interaction in this way. How do you FEEL when talking to the prospective practitioner?

3. Will the session be held in an office setting or in the practitioner’s home? Neither one is inherently better than the other, but you might have a personal preference. If it is in an office you might find out if there are others who share the office space. If it is in a home, you might ask if there is a dedicated space reserved just for sessions. You might also ask if there are pets. This could either comfort you or distract you depending on how much you enjoy animals.

4. Is extensive experience necessary for a practitioner to facilitate a successful session? Not necessarily. Certainly experience can be and is valuable. How long has the practitioner been practicing QHHT? Most newly trained practitioners gain experienced by performing free or greatly reduced priced sessions. Many of them are quite enthusiastic and have excellent results! You can and should ask what kind of sessions and what kind of results your prospective practitioner and their clients have had, no matter how many sessions they have had.

5. Is your Practitioner taking advantage of Dolores’ offerings of continuing education by attending her advanced level classes or being a member of the Dedicated Practitioner Online Forum Community? Dedicated Practitioners have the benefit of a thriving and knowledgeable worldwide group of QHHT Practitioners and more than several years of archived information to broaden their knowledge. Dolores’ new program of Recommended Dedicated Practitioners have proven that they have extensive experience in her method and practice just exactly as Dolores Cannon teaches.

6. How can you know if your practitioner practices as Dolores teaches if they are not officially recommended? I am often asked this question. Its not a bad question to directly ask a prospective practitioner. Their answer may surprise you.

7. A proper QHHT session takes several hours from start to finish. If you see a QHHT session advertised as something that takes only 1 or 2 hours to complete, please know this is not, and cannot be a proper QHHT as Dolores has taught her students. A proper session can take 4 or 5 hours, and sometimes even more. There are not abbreviated “versions” of QHHT and it is not offered in parts and pieces.

8. Does the practitioner offer sessions over the telephone or skype? This is strictly prohibited as far as Dolores Cannon is concerned. All QHHT sessions are performed in person only.

9. Your session should be digitally recorded for you. Every practitioner does this a bit differently. Some use USB sticks. Some burn and mail cds. Most send links to downloadable files via email.

10. Will your practitioner be available to answer any questions you might have post-session? Can you call or email anytime in the future?

Hopefully some of these points and questions will help you if you are considering exploring or healing with Dolores Cannon’s method.

What other information would you like to learn about a practitioner before scheduling a QHHT session?

Candace Craw-Goldman

Managing Director

Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Support Forum


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