I began this post the day of the school shootings in Connecticut. Before I even became aware of the news, my intuition told me to hold off publishing this article about being afraid. It was too soon. We all needed some time.

What happened in CT is both horrifying and heartbreaking. There is absolutely huge energy attached to the event. There are those who will, who already have, begun to use this tragedy to push their own agendas. They are absolutely counting on you, yes, YOU to continue to contribute your own energy to further their plans. Gun control advocates, yes. Second amendment advocates, yes. The NRA, yes, of course.

They are absolutely counting on your energy of fear. Will you comply? Will you pick a side and officially enter this game of fear? Will you sit in front of the TV and wring your hands and shake your head? Most will. Most already have. This is entering the game and feeding the fear. The thing is, you do not have to immerse yourself in the mainstream media and the negative agendas.

You absolutely can have compassion about the event and the families who are suffering unimaginable grief without 24/7 news updates from “experts.”

We as humans have used fear to keep us safe. Its been very useful, no question about it. The thing is, we don’t have to be afraid any more. There are other, more powerful ways to feel safe!


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When you are afraid, you project fearful energy and attract more of the same. Rather than focus on your fear, focus on the power you possess that is the opposite. You can choose to project your sovereignty and personal power.  As always, focus on what you do want, not on what you do not want. Look towards where you want to go, not where you do not want to go!

For example, if you are having a health challenge, rather than focusing on being afraid of disease, focus on the opposite, being healthy!  Every time a fearful thought about illness arises, replace it with a thought of vibrant health. If you are afraid of your boss shouting at you, rather than cower when he enters the room, stand tall and confident. If you are afraid of lone, crazy gunmen, well, stop turning on the tv and thinking about them.

So rather than holding on, to your issues or your fears, when they come up, let them go like helium balloons and replace them with your thoughts of loving supportive local communities, personal power, beauty and vibrant health.

“But wait,” I can hear some say, “How will I protect myself if I don’t keep watching tv, arming myself, vaccinating myself, allowing myself to be scanned at the airport, listening to the ‘experts’ who tell me how to be safe?”

Begin to believe, first that you are an eternal being. After that, begin to believe, all the way into the middle of your bones that you are a sovereign and powerful human able to affect your life and your future. It is a big step for many people that the “powers that be” (some call them the “powers that were“) do not want you take.

Just imagine what would happen if others joined you in these concepts?  (They are.) What if our combined focus soon turned overwhelmingly to the positive? (It is.) What if the world could really and truly change? (It has begun to change already.)

Passing through the dates of 12-12-12 and December 21 were significant indeed, even if no outwardly dramatic worldly events accompanied them. Every day, more and more people are waking up to their power and potential and the concept of abundance for all and that in turn lifts our consciousness as a group. Both our individual and human group consciousness is expanding, growing, opening up, lifting up. We are evolving, we really are.

Even when horrific things occur. Perhaps even more so when they do.

(Permission to share this story is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way. Copyright 2012 Candace Craw-Goldman.

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24 Responses to Afraid?

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Candace,
    Thanks for posting this. I believe in what you say/write. I am in New England and it has been a topic of conversation everywhere.
    Now I say to people who are distressed, send them love, send them All love, even the shooter, send love. This seems to give a welcome alternative to other thoughts they have been having. It really is powerful to shift the heart to love. It is the fuel that runs the shift.
    Thanks for reminding us All that we have a choice where we put our energies.
    Love, love, love. It’s a welcome alternative to fear.
    Love and light,

  2. Thanks Diane, I am sure those in New England are especially affected by all of this. Choice is truly what it is about! I do appreciate the comment. <3

  3. lynnesite says:

    Wonderful piece, Candace! It’s hard to stay “informed” without letting the memes penetrate. I’ll only listen (primarily to NPR) or view print media, no video allowed.

  4. Heidi says:

    Candace, you are right about not allowing ourselves to be ruled by fear. But your analogies are inconsistent. In the case of the disease or the intimidating boss, you suggest doing something POSITIVE to combat the fear–think or apply energy to being healthy in the face of disease, or stand tall and confident in the face of the bad boss. Great suggestions. Neither of these suggestions ignores the problem–they both name the problem and move forward in a positive manner. Yet for the fear felt in something like Sandy Hook, what you suggest is tantamount to putting one’s head in the sand and ignoring it! What if you ignored the disease, or the angry boss? In both cases, you would be worse off for it, and I would submit that we are also worse off for ignoring the vulnerabilities and the root causes of incidents like Sandy Hook. One of the best articles on the subject that has been posted since Sandy Hook was actually one written prior to it, by someone who trains police forces to deal with such tragedies. The author states that our worst enemy is not fear–it is denial. I would submit that your remedy of simply turning off the news is just that…as opposed to being a means of truly combatting fear.

    • Hi Heidi

      Thank you so very much for stopping by and reading the post and leaving your very thoughtful comments.

      Your reaction is a common one and I do understand it, because I used to feel the exact same way and I believe that most people still do feel this way.

      I began to change my thinking after beginning to understand the “energy construction” of reality itself. Absolutely everything is energy and if you can back away enough from the details of whatever it is you are considering, you begin to understand a larger picture of what and why things seem to happen. This realization affects every single aspect of life. Relationships, Bodies, Work, Social events, everything.

      Do I have all the answers? Of course not. I am just one human. I do believe that together we all have a piece of the puzzle.

      🙂 I hope you come back for more conversation.


      • I have realized that I neglected to address the “denial” comment. Acknowledging reality and facts, and yet, not participating in the abject celebration of the event by media…are far different things in my view. I don’t believe I am in any sort of denial about the facts of the event, just not participating in, and giving energy to, the fear and celebratory media circus of this or any tragedy.

      • Heidi says:

        Candace, I am a pastor and a theologian. Unfortunately, I also see a similar response to fear in the simplistic approach to faith that says, “Just leave it all up to God.” When one views God as the ultimate energy, that is very much the same thing as turning off the TV. Indeed, everything in the universe is interrelated. Whether you acknowledge the energy as being a God-thing or not, it doesn’t change that interrelationship, which is what I understand you to be saying. Quantum physics takes us to much the same place–if an electron pair is split apart, what affects one electron also affects the other. A positive energy in one place is felt in another place. So yes, again, you are correct in your admonishment that we should not participate in the negativity of events that might tend to evoke fear.

        There is a balance between Wisdom and Knowledge. The media hacks at the Knowledge part of that balance, and as such can overwhelm us if we let it. We also can be foolish enough to accept the media at face value as telling the truth–which it often does not. Many contemporary approaches to spiritual “seeking” tend to reject Knowledge and retreat into Wisdom–no big surprise, given that the Age of Reason (call it Enlightenment or Modernism or whatever…but it represents an overreliance on data, input, “knowledge,” quantification, etc.) has shoved us culturally to such a “logical” extreme. In reality, we need a sound balance between the two. Wisdom (which includes mystery, and would seem to include your approach to energy) is necessary, but can become as much a matter of denial as can Knowledge when one tries to use it to explain everything.

        I still submit that turning off the TV is a matter of denial–even though we must be wise in how we use the knowledge we garner there. If we do not have that balance between knowledge and wisdom, we have no way of applying positive energy-wisdom-whatever to anything, because we live in the dark, just as we may live in fear if we rely solely on the data-input-knowledge without any concept of something greater.

  5. Susan says:

    Wonderful post, Candace! Thank you for putting these thoughts so clearly into words! May I have your permission to repost it?

    In response to Heidi’s comment: The real message in Candace’s post comes after paragraph 7 which has the line, “…stop turning on the TV and thinking about them.” Please read past the message that seems to say ‘stay in denial’, and take to heart your ability to choose to take steps to fortifying your inner self, which will affect your (our) community. This can be very challenging, but as Candace says, there are many of us who have begun “expanding, growing, opening up, lifting up…evolving…”

    • Hi Susan.

      I know many people like Heidi and as I said, I was there myself…I do appreciate your reply to her too. Thank you. It takes a while for the concept to sink in for some and some will always resist this idea.

      I have started putting a “share” statement on my posts recently, but forgot to add it today. I just edited the article and it is there now. Please do repost and let me know where/how, thanks!


      • Susan says:

        Hi Candace,
        I shared your post on my facebook. susuzuki55
        Happy New Year!
        Love, Susan

      • Heidi says:

        I would respond by saying that I also know many people like you, Candace. I appreciate them, because they are seekers. But they also tend to take awhile to find the right balance. I would add this, Candace–you don’t know my journey, so you really don’t know if you’ve “been there” or not.

    • Heidi says:

      Susan, see my reply to Candace. If we turn off the TV, how do we have any clue what it is that we should be “fortifying our inner selves” about? I think any deeply thinking person is going to “fortify” his or her inner self instead of wallowing in the morass of shallow hand-wringing… I would submit that many of us have been “expanding, growing, opening up, lifting up…evolving…” while integrating the news all along, as opposed to putting our heads in the sand and not listening.

      However, if this is the event that has caused some people to do the above, then welcome to the club, more power to you, and may you continue to expand, grow and evolve. 🙂 (Still, how would you have known to begin to expand, etc., if you had not heard the news?)

      • Heidi once again, thank you for your comments.Much of what you have written is rolling around my head and I will blog about the “head in the sand” comment which is so commonly made in the future. We actually align pretty well…and I appreciate your position, save one important thing. I do NOT believe “the news” is neutral or even in many cases even true. I believe it is manipulated and much is suppressed. I did not USED to believe this (and actually I worked in a tv newsroom many years ago) but I do now.

        Things like THIS below make me disbelieve much of what is presented to us as our reality. Listen closely to the FACTS stated in the video about suppressed evidence and the court lawsuits and what the “news” either released or kept to themselves…

        From Forbidden News……

        More head-spinning information from
        Veteran’s Today Senior Editor, Gordon Duff
        in a marathon interview with on Nsearch
        Radio, recorded a month ago.

        Duff claims that a videotape of whatever
        hit the Pentagon on 9/11 was finally
        “released” late last month, after 11 years
        of legal action against the airline alleged
        to have been involved in the crash.

        Duff did not make it clear as to whom
        this tape has been released – or if it will
        be viewable by the public anytime soon –
        but of one thing, Duff is certain…

        Video (about 1 min):

        There’s No Plane

      • Heidi says:

        Candace, I inferred that the news isn’t always true in my comment in my original response to you, in which I stated, “I still submit that turning off the TV is a matter of denial–even though we must be wise in how we use the knowledge we garner there.” Life is full of tainted sources–but those sources are still better than no sources at all. In fact, there is not a human source in the world that is not “suspect” because everyone (you and me included) is shaped by their experiences and perspectives. I am not suggesting that we take the news at face value–far from it. Being “wise” suggests looking for the hidden meanings and agendas, knowing the sources. Still, since tainted sources are the only ones we have, instead of throwing them out because they are tainted, we need to have the wisdom to listen to many sources and discern the meanings that lie beneath them.

  6. Carmen says:

    Candace, I just re-read the last 3 posts and I must say they all resonate with what I am experiencing right now through applying Matrix Energetics along with meditations by Tom Kenyon. These practices are focused on using the powerful energy we all have access to as Creators of our own reality purely from an energetic vantage point. We can all have a positive effect in shifting our own reality, along with the Earth’s and all of humanity as a collective consciousness. This is a very powerful point of creation that begins with the birth of the energy in our thoughts. What an amazing concept!

    • Thanks for your comment Carmen. I have heard great things about Matrix Energetics. So many people fail to understand that the OBSERVER has a definite effect! More and more are learning this every day though, and that is a good thing.

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  8. Susan Aono says:

    Great piece Candace! Love your clear thinking. I recall reading a while ago that what you focus on is what you attract.

    Happy New Year!
    xxx Susan Aono

  9. Timothy Tang says:

    Fear is not resolved by not thinking about scary news, Fear is resolved by trusting in the higher spiritual order that is overlooking the soul’s physical life.

    Major events in a person’s life such as being harmed or killed would not happen if they were not pre-planned by the soul to be experienced.

    If we can trust in the higher spiritual order and our spirit guides, we would not feel so lost and fearful.

    Pre-life planning has been mentioned in Dolores Cannon’s books but she did not go into it very deeply. I recommend the books about pre-life planning by Robert Schwartz.

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