A Heartfelt Request to Former Clients

When I hug my clients goodbye at the door, I tell them to feel free to keep in touch. I tell them I want to know how they are doing after the session. Nearly 100% of you say you will, indeed, continue to communicate.

A few of you actually do! You let me know that the healings have continued or deepened or manifested fully over time. Some of you are “still working on it” (And that’s okay, too.)

A great number of you came primarily for information, to help you make a decision, or to help you get on to your soul’s path. I want to know how you are doing as well.

Some of you have not been my own personal client but have been to Dolores Cannon herself for a session, or, to another one of her QHHT Practitioners. I want to hear from you too.

I want to hear from you if you had a fabulous session and an instantaneous healing or amazing revelation. I also want to hear from you if you had NO improvement or lasting healing, or had a disappointing experience in some way, and anything in between. Yes I really do.

We as QHHT Practitioners care about our clients and always are looking to improve. Maybe you can help us do just that. You can be anonymous or not, whatever you choose. I will respect your privacy of course.

For those of you who want to share, and who have had a session that in some way changed your life, would you consider emailing me and telling me about it? ([email protected])  If you had an adventure, or learned something interesting about reality or yourself that was helpful in your life, I’d love to know more.

It is our goal to share some experiences with the public, and to gather some testimonials and maybe, if you are game and want to try it, perhaps interview you for our Quantum Healing Information YouTube Channel.  All you would need is a computer with a camera and Skype account.

There are people out there wondering if booking a QHHT Session might be worth the time and trouble. They are wondering if a session really could make a difference in their lives. I know QHHT changes lives, but this message is much more powerful when it comes from you rather than from me.

FreeDigitalPhotos.net Stuart Miles.

Please consider responding to this request, you might end up helping more people than you might imagine.

Thank you in advance for taking the time out to respond,

Blessings to you all.


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8 Responses to A Heartfelt Request to Former Clients

  1. Rev. Nancy Freeman says:

    I haven’t had a session, don’t know how and have no money. I am ill and penniless. Thanks anyway.
    Rev. Nancy Freeman

  2. sianchua says:

    Another beautiful day in Perth….

    Hopefully, this will tug some people’s heart strings..

    Yesterday someone named Kirsty ( a healer) sent a client for a session. I don’t even know Kirsty who told the client that several people had told her they’d had QHHT sessions with me and that I was very good and they had good results so she said to this lady ”I think you should go and see Sian”. I rang Kirsty up to thank her for the referral and she mentioned the names of 5 people who had told her about me. They were my clients. Not a single one had contacted me to let me know how they’re doing yet thro Kirsty I heard how things had shifted in their life.

    So, please let me know if you get any responses..

    Btw yesterday’s client was extraordinary. She has an amazing haling gift from past lives that she shut down 22 years ago. She found, in 1994 as she was massaging her clients that she could see the energy in their bodies and areas where they had blockages. She was minded to put her hands over those areas and people felt the effects immediately. After that she found when she put her hands over cuts, pain, even her daughter’s genital warts they healed instantly. She helped lots of people in the Melbourne gay community in this way and became “well known” and she wasn’t comfortable with that. One day she did another miraculous healing of a girl who was so astonished she said, “OMG what are you? A witch or what?” That triggered something inside her and she decided to shut down her abilities and actually moved away to Perth.

    SC showed her 3 PL’s where she was well known and persecuted, another life as a witch when she was tortured and died. Her gifts are only a small part of her life purpose. She can do much more. In her session the SC said, Now We will re-activate her healing gift. They used her hands and fingers to work on all her health issues, eyes, sinus, heart, hips, abdomen, cellulite etc and her teeth. She had lost 7 teeth. For a long while she had several fingers of both hands in her mouth turning twisting (I’ve never had the SC grow new teeth before – have you? – and wondered if I’d see a miracle this time). Finally the SC said, “We can’t do this for her but she can do this herself”. It’s up to her. It depends how badly she wants her teeth to grow. If she does, then she must learn to speak her truth and when she finally does this, her teeth will grow. They fell out as she was growing up cos she didn’t speak her truth”.

    She experienced instant healing for most of her other symptoms eg ankle injury from hockey (those that weren’t linked to emotional issues.)



    • Dearest Sian, you are such a light in the world. I thank you for replying here on my public blog, we hear these stories between us and amongst clients, but I am hopeful some more of them can get out to the public. (Sian and I have scheduled a QHIN youtube interview for this week to speak about some of her sessions. Stand by for that dear readers and public, you will be meeting an extraordinary person)

  3. Pete Reimer says:

    Hi, I’m not a former client, but I’m familiar w/ Delores Cannon’s work from a meditation group I spent time with while living on the big island of Hawaii. We practiced just a bit of regression work. I’m now living near Wichita, and interested in meeting people or groups on the spiritual path. I’ve recieved your e-newsletters for some time. If I recall, you may be in Kansas. If so, perhaps I could join you for some regression work…or a meditation…or book study. It’s a wonderful path I’m on as I’m always meeting neat people and finding interesting things to do. In closing, let me just say ‘thanks’ and ask that you let me know if there are events or groups nearby that may be of interest to me. Nothin but Love, Pete Reimer

    • Hello Pete.

      My husband and I live outside of Wichita on a farm. Do you know about Meetup groups? I have one called New Earth Journey Wichita. We just had a meeting here at Atira Moon last weekend, it was a class on DNA Repatterning called CORe. There are other groups here and as I like to say “Wichita is Waking up” so more is happening all the time. Welcome to Kansas.

  4. Thank you to those clients who have responded to me privately. I would love to hear from even more of you, so please keep the reports coming. I promise you, you will be helping others to learn that they are not at the mercy of doctors, hospitals, pills, disease, trauma or victimhood without personal power….there is power, within YOU that can address any and EVERY problem and challenge in your life.

  5. supreme says:

    I want to get across my appreciation for your kindness for persons who absolutely need help on the niche. Your personal dedication to passing the solution around appeared to be exceedingly useful and have in every case encouraged women like me to reach their pursuits. Your new invaluable advice signifies so much to me and substantially more to my peers. Thanks a ton; from each one of us.

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