Wichita, Don’t Let Them POISON Your Water

Notice all the press pushing water fluoridation in Wichita? What is the source of this advertising money?

We do know that the industries which sell this toxic waste fluoride are profiting greatly.

Who else profits?

Were you aware that this chemical they claim will make your teeth strong is an industrial waste product? It’s true! Fluoridation chemicals are by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. And not only that, but it is a highly regulated waste material. There are a lot of protections in place meaning that they can’t dump this waste in the environment, or they would be arrested. They even have to store it in special containers (visit this website to see what I mean) to protect people from its potentially damaging properties. Yet if they sell it and run it through our drinking water, then somehow it becomes legal to dispose of it.

This sort of situation is why it is becoming nearly mandatory to have your own water filtration system, such as this one – https://waterfilterway.com – to ensure you have a good supply. You need to be able to drink without worrying about the poison in the waterways impacting your children, your loved ones, your family. How is it allowed to let this just flow into our waterways? You would think this would be illegal, but no. This is all allowed, and not only allowed but promoted by the government. How ridiculous, how obscene is that?!

This is rather insane, and really, what an amazing and brilliantly successful scam. Don’t dispose of dangerous toxic waste, sell it to cities to dump in their water supply and make money instead! And TV watchers everywhere have been programmed for decades to believe this propaganda. Are you one of them?

Above all, there are lots of reasons why we should be monitoring the fluoride levels in our water. Part of this process involves using water sensors such as water flow meters for example. Once the base level of fluoride is known, continued measuring of fluoride in water can identify pollution via any spikes in fluoride concentrations. Measuring fluoride in the water near to industrial areas, including areas in close proximity to aluminium smelting plants, is necessary to carefully monitor the levels of fluoride in drinking water that is produced in water processing plants. High concentrations of fluoride in water are dangerous for humans and can lead to issues such as dental fluorosis, or skeletal fluorosis in extreme cases.

WAKE UP WICHITA! Don’t let them poison you.

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