So What Exactly IS Meditation, Anyway?

In my work as a Dolores Cannon Regressionist, this word, this concept is used a lot. It is standard, almost universal advice from the “Higher Self” or the “Superconscious” (Also known as the SC) for most if not all of my clients.

The word is used so very often these days, but what exactly is meditation anyway?

Is it what the Tibetan Monks do in India? Is it talking a walk in the park? Is it guided visualization? Is it just being quiet for a while? Do you have to sit on a mat like a pretzel to do it right?

Wikipedia defines meditation like this:

Meditation is any form of a family of practices in which practitioners train their minds or self-induce a mode of consciousness to realize some benefit.

The word is used so loosely and broadly, it can mean almost anything depending on the context.

Meditation is also a part of yoga, which deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Some people struggle with achieving this initially when they first start out and that is normal, those individuals might look to ohio medical marijuana doctors in ohio to help them relax so they can approach meditation with a different mindset. On the other hand, if you already have meditation experience behind you and want to help others with their yoga journey, you could become a yoga teacher. Looking to learn more about the importance and techniques of meditation will help you support those who are struggling as they start out with meditation. So head to places like to discover how yoga training in India could help you to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, recently I came upon a series of Youtube videos (with a nod to my dear friend Lorna who tirelessly shares tips/advice and tidbits every day on her Facebook page) that have been a revelation to me. I found them extremely helpful and almost immediately discovered something new in my own meditative practice.

Have a look at Part 1 of this series on Spiritual Reality and then come back to the discussion when I post Part 2 of “So What Exactly IS Meditation, Anyway”?

Until then I would love to know from those readers who wish to share briefly, if they meditate, how often, how long, what their body position is, and if they listen to any audio during their experience.

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4 Responses to So What Exactly IS Meditation, Anyway?

  1. My dear friend Amber sent the following via email:

    “I do it either of 2 ways and not like anyone I have read about. Sometimes I meditate in the bath with my legs crossed, meditation style, but lying down with water covering my eyes and forehead. This way the water amplifies all vibrational energies that are going on and I can really feel my chakras opening. Often I can feel my spirit start to move from my body and out of the water. Like I said everything is amplified. I can hear my breathing change and sometimes stop for extended periods of time. I can also hear my heartbeat change. I often see lights, tunnels, and portals. Once I saw a shadow enter my space. I quickly rose up and asked it to allow me to see it. It was a powerful spirit and I admit, I was a little intimidated, but I could not see anything. Then my 6 year old daughter came in to tell me something and said…Mom there is a spider by you. I had seen this little house spider’s spirit enter my space. I tried to pick her up, but I think I injured her. I cried and cried about it.

    The other way that I do it is lying in bed with my eyes open and shut, depends on my mood. It is not as amplified and often I will fall asleep soon after I am done meditating. I have experienced different things this way too. I have seen orbs enter my visual field while my eye were closed, seemingly curious about me, then getting interrupted and watching them leave with my eyes open. I have also been able to feel my spirit and its vastness. That it reaches quite a bit further than my visualized aura shows. I could actually feel it expanded outside my home. I have been trying to do that one again, but I just can’t seem to achieve that level. Maybe it was a onetime gift. I am glad that I paid attention.”

    Much Love to you-

    Amber J

  2. Jaci Sivley says:

    Nice video. 🙂 Sometimes I meditate daily, sometimes not – I do what I am *moved* to do. Sometimes I MUST meditate – I crave it. Other times I meditate because I know I’ll be better for it. Sometimes I play very soft New Age music in background – sometimes only silence. Sit in armchair w/ feet flat on floor. I like to cover up and have a Pashmina over my head. Sometimes I feel energy coming in spontaneously. And sometimes I run Reiki while meditating if guided to do so. I’ve had amazing experiences for which I have no words other than I was just pure energy connected to Source, and very simple experiences that are deeply quiet and peaceful – and everything in between.

  3. Toni Wilder says:

    I have practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1978. It involves repeating my mantra mentally. I sit in a chair. I find it best to be in a silent area, no music but it can be done anywhere. I have found that there is more silence in my daily life. Relationships are improved and I am much happier. I have found that I bounce back quickly from upsets that occur in my life. I feel like I am connecting with God when I am in that silent place between my thoughts while meditating.

  4. kdkh says:

    I nominated you for a “sunshine award.” Participate if you wish; it’s one way to make new acquaintances on the blog and can bring new traffic to your blog. I’m also a past life regressionist trained by Dolores Cannon. see, 3/28/12 entry.

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