GMO Information

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  1. Billliam says:

    A picture says a thousand words. Great graphic.

  2. Flo Deems says:

    I noticed that is apparently a site that is for Ron Paul (and I do think he’s a great man and greatly undervalued by many people) and therefore against the Democrats.

    However, no one can convince me that it’s only the Democrats who are “bad” for us. I wish someone would do the same research and lay it out for us about all the Republicans who also use their government connections to further the interests of their sectors of industry.

    IOW, folks, there are good guys and bad guys (and gals) in BOTH parties. It’s my fondest hope that open-minded people of both parties and the independents can get together and start weeding out the bad ones.

  3. Hi Billiam thanks for the comment.

    Hello Flo, I am with you, there are horrors in both the liberal and conservative parties. I am completely neutral when it comes to politics. I believe there are those that LOVE the way we “choose sides” and argue and fight. I will not do that– arguing for political positions never seems to do much good, except for keep us from cooperating and fixing the problems in the world.
    I loved this graphic because unless there was a mistake on actual names or positions held…. There is no opinions made here. Simply fact stating. No words are necessary.

  4. Jaci Sivley says:

    WOW. The proverbial “picture is worth a thousand words” here!!!! Thanks for this Candace. I tend to avoid anything political b/c to my mind it’s pretty much all the same regardless of political affiliation – a bunch of people w/ personal agendas largely motivated by $$$$$. I haven’t been doing anything in terms of politics or making statements about much of anything since the “good old days” (and for you younger folk, that would be the ’60s) when I was marching and protesting and quite active. Maybe it’s time to start back up – in a more metaphysical way. I believe there’s tremendous power in the focus of energy, “prayer,” and thought – especially at this historic time on our planet Earth. So maybe we can all begin creating circles in which we do some of that focus work. I know I will introduce this concept when my group Shift 2012 Wichita meets for the first time this month. (And if you’re here in Wichita, I encourage you to go to and join the group so you can join in that effort.)

    Thanks again for all of *your* effort Candace. You are a candle shining the way for the rest of us. 🙂

    Love and peace to you.

  5. Thank you for posting this important information. More and more consumers are becoming aware of this corporation due to posts like this.

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