Memories of a Water Being

Occasionally the regressionist (me) gets the pleasure of being regressed herself.

Last Sunday night I went on an adventure upon another world and experienced another kind of life. In the Cannon method of regression, we normally use a beautiful cloud that takes us to the “most appropriate time and place”. Upon reflection, I believe that this was indeed most appropriate for several reasons. One reason is increasingly, I have clients who experience other worlds in regressions, often not in human form.  Many of us who do this work are also finding this quite common. Another reason is that in April we are sponsoring a book talk in Austin by a friend from London who has been an “ET Experiencer” for his entire life. And lastly, we have a New Earth Journey Wichita meetup group meeting at our home this coming weekend. Our topic? “We are NOT Alone”, where we plan on discussing UFO sightings and beings from other worlds.

In the regression, I came off  “the cloud” and found myself on a very large, dusty red planet. Red dirt, red sky. The place was very dry and very hot. There were no other colors. Just variations of red. This world seemed enormous compared to where I came from. I stood looking around and I was feeling frustrated and also vindicated. I was part of a team that came from another planet to explore this one in hopes to find life or other “water beings” like ourselves. I was frustrated because there was nothing here but dry red hot dirt. There was not much to explore as there was no variation in anything that we could see and there was no kind of moisture whatsoever. Literally nothing else was discovered by those of us who came to explore. I think there may have been the idea there was water underground that could sustain life as we knew it, but we failed to find even a drop of water.

I was feeling a bit vindicated, as I remembered voicing my opinion that we would not find any “water life” at all on this planet and we could better use our effort or resources elsewhere. I was outvoted, so that is where the vindication came into play. I was right. But I didn’t feel very good about being “right” as I could not see how we benefited from our extreme effort. As I stood surveying the red landscape in front of me I looked down at my body and “feet”. I was wearing some sort of protective suit that fit over my physical body to be able to exist in this atmosphere and climate. It was a cooled/water filled suit of some kind. Without it I would dry up instantaneously. My body was not humanoid shaped. I seemed to have two appendages that were somewhat like legs but the rest of the body was very odd. I did not seem to have a head to speak of, or arms. I did look closely at my “legs” and I had like a honeycomb structure that held visible water within my body. I was various shades of light blue and green and cool water like tones. The closest thing to describe my body was “sponge” like. Sort of like a tall SpongeBob Squarepants, with sponge legs and no pants. I watched the water in the “suit” circulate in and around my body.

On “an important day” on the red planet, I saw myself watching in horror something that was totally indescribable in my experience. I watched deep and wide “craters” in the landscape catch on fire and implode. After the implosion I could see deeply into lava pools inside the planet. More and more craters formed around those of us who came to explore and we knew we had to leave. It was dangerous, but I did not feel threatened or fearful as we stayed far away from the craters and prepared to leave. My people had no concept of fire at ALL. It was very difficult to explain what we saw with these fires and lava pools. There was no frame of reference. I did not even have words to begin to describe fire. When I was asked about it later, I found myself shaking my head unable to share the experience with others who were not there as there was simply no vocabulary in our culture to describe the fires and chaos I witnessed.

In the next scene I found myself sitting at a round silver table upon a craft of some sort. We were in the orbit of the red planet, still witnessing the fires that were spreading at an alarming rate. Others of my kind were on the ship, and we were discussing the details and findings of our exploration mission.

I was asked then, by the regressionist, a little about my life back on my home world.

My people did not eat food as we know it, but were nourished by other water/plant life . I saw that we would stand near trees or reeds or bodies of water to absorb moisture and nutrients. We lived in small groups near water sources on our world. When asked about my family, I saw more beings like myself literally attached to each other in a cluster; something like a cluster of crystals, but we were softer, and able to move and move off from our cluster to explore or be “alone” and then we could return back to the family and “re-attach”. Others were “created” when our family would share energies and combine them to create another.

When I returned home to my planet I was asked what work was I to do now? I answered no real work as my effort to leave and explore the red planet was considered quite extreme. I came home to rest.

In the next “ important day” I watched a part of my cluster/family die. It seemed to be a grandmother type. I was not at all sad, only curious, wondering how it would be for me to experience what this one was in front of me. She separated off of our cluster, she was the tallest and driest of us all. We watched her expire and that was the end of that, and the last scene I witnessed in that life.

My higher soul/self explained I was shown this life because I have a long history of lives where I have pursued that of being an explorer for my people. I am repeating that exploration in this life by exploring consciousness itself and my clients doing Dolores’ method.

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