Something Ailing You?

Maybe you need to go to your doctor.  Then again, maybe not.

Traditionally Western medicine operates primarily by addressing symptoms as things to be eliminated. If something is wrong, they want to poison it, burn it or cut it out or off of you.  Then you are cured, right? No? The problem returns or reoccurs? That’s because the source of the problem itself has not been addressed.

It has taken me a long time, decades actually, and many medical adventures to realize how fundamentally incorrect this Western medical approach is, and has always been. We are energy beings, first and foremost, we, as pure consciousness and energy just inhabit a physical body. Absolutely nothing occurs to your physical self, without it first occurring within your energetic self, or your energy body.

Most American doctors approach you either chemically (drugs) or structurally (knives) but very rarely do they think about addressing the very thing that animates your body, which is your energy!

This is the reason Quantum Healing or Regression Therapy works so beautifully. It allows you to access information about the energetic reasons for physical or emotional ailments where you have the ability to ease them, and many times eliminate them, sometimes immediately.

Religious people might call such instant healing “a miracle”. Your doctor might call it  “spontaneous remission”.  I say call it whatever you want, just know healing is possible with energy healing. Possible, powerful, practical, pill-free and painless!

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5 Responses to Something Ailing You?

  1. Mark says:

    Like most I imagine there are times when either athletically or cognitively I’m sharper than at other times. Does the energy body have cycles that are tied to some outside influence? If yes, are those cycles predictable and do they always effect the physical body?

    Very interesting CCG. Glad you’re writing again. Any books coming out?

    • Hiya Mark!

      Your energy body is absolutely affected by it’s surroundings, circumstance and other people. We are constantly affected by other energies! Performing athletes get a boost from the energy of crowd watching if they are the home team or they hear cheering. Those are palpable, obvious energies.

      The human body, I believe is also affected by cyclical things like the pull of the sun and moon, or even other planets. Absolutely.

      We are not stuck onto this earth as entities separate from the entire cycle of life in the universe, we are a part of that life, a spark of divinity in human form. I would argue you are affected by things on the other side of even the universe itself.

      The trick is to accept or allow all energy, positive or negative to pass through you without allowing blockages to occur. This is sometimes easier said than done.

      • Oh yeah, books! Thanks for asking and the nice words.

        In the planning stage still. Gotta finish that move first.

      • Mark says:

        Preventing blockages = don’t put up a “force field” let the negative energy flow through without return flare ups and don’t let the positive energy go to your head???

        • That pretty much covers it. You are very wise!

          You can allow the positive energy to nourish you, but you don’t try to “force” it to stay. You can face and acknowledge the negative energy, but you don’t resist it, or fight it. (That which you resist, persists…) You just release it all. Another way of saying this is something we have heard often: Surrender it all to God.

          Have a WONDERFUL day!

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