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Christmas 2015

It’s been quite the year, 2015. And yet, as transformative as the rest of the year has been, and even in the midst of global, community and even personal uncertainty, the Christmas season brings with it gifts of the comfort … Continue reading

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The Oracle in Delphi – Volunteers from Sirius – Power from Source -Miriam Magdala – Healing Vortex

The following article was written by my **QHHT colleague Tom Arild Waagbø who lives and practices in Norway. Not all sessions are like this, but a great many are, and they are unforgettable! Thank you Tom, and thank you to your … Continue reading

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A QHHT Christmas Story, Part 3

In Part 3 of this Quantum Healing Hynopsis Christmas Story, the client Jay was describing himself as a well-dressed, bearded, dark-haired man with dreadlocks observing the Christ Child in the manger with his Mother Mary sitting nearby. (Here are Part … Continue reading

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A QHHT Christmas Story

One of the last comments my client Jay made as he prepared for his Quantum Healing Hypnosis session was, “Please do me a favor and don’t invite Jesus in for healing or anything like that. If you want to ask … Continue reading

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Jack, Jesus, and Jouncing Walls

Definition of the word “Jounce” – To move joltingly or roughly up and down; bounce. A jouncing movement. Jack called me from an oil field way up North. Literally. He was standing outside in the wind and said he had just made … Continue reading

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