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Odin, an Earplug, Surgery and Energy Medicine

Did you know that some cats have a thing for human ear wax? Its a sort of feline fetish. Odd, I know, but google it if you want and you will find all kinds of stories. Even with all the … Continue reading

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“The Quantum Field Responds NOT to what we WANT…

…it responds to who we are being.“-Dr. Joe Dispenza It has been said that this is universal law: What you send out as a vibration, you will receive back by the universe. Perhaps, you have also heard this update on … Continue reading

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Canary in a Coalmine or Parakeet in your Kitchen?

In days of old, caged canaries would be carried by mining workers down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the … Continue reading

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Our “Couples” Regression Part 2

Guest Post by Tom Goldman (Continued from yesterday) To recap…Candace and I recently did a tandem regression session with Annie as our facilitator. We experienced a life together in a time that appeared to be in the 1500-1600’s where she … Continue reading

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Down on The Farm – Anne Ashley

Anne Ashley guest blogs today for the delight of all who take the time out to read about her adventures so far in America at Atira Moon. Annie is here with her husband Steven Jones from London to do some … Continue reading

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Are there Darwin Awards for Squirrels?

Or would that be redundant? Here on Atira Moon we make it a point to talk to all of the animals and we have had some amazing experiences. Today when I was leaving to run errands, I (ahem) “ran into” … Continue reading

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Mowing, Openmindedness, and a Dove Brings a Message

The field around the Sacred Circle Site needed mowing again. It was a cool morning yesterday and I had just enough time before my regression appointment to get most of it taken care of. As is my habit, I thought … Continue reading

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