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Letter to a New Autism Mom

Tuesday evening on New Earth Journey Radio I will be talking with Jill Rege on how her son recovered from Autism. Here is a great letter she wrote to new autism moms in 2013. Letter to a New Autism┬áMom Posted … Continue reading

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“Becoming Your Higher Self” Heather Alice Shea.

Last Tuesday (8-4-2015) I interviewed Heather Alice Shea on New Earth Journey Radio. (Clicking that link will take you to the BBS archives. Here is the same show on YouTube.) Heather is an intuitive guide, 6th sense expert and coach. … Continue reading

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Lots of News at New Earth Journey!

I’ve been thinking for a long time about creating some new projects and I am off and running on all of them. Today’s article is just a brief one to share my excitement, give you some links, and set the … Continue reading

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The Declaration of Independence: A Sacred Document

I am not alone in believing that the Declaration of Independence is a divinely inspired, sacred document. Not only because it is the cornerstone of the creation of the United States of America, but because we, as human beings, all … Continue reading

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Spiritual Bullying

The following article was written by Candace Craw-Goldman and Co-Authored by Ari Kopel. I’m having lunch today with my friend Lucinda. We have known each other since kindergarten. Our family moved while I was still in elementary school so we … Continue reading

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Dolores Cannon Teaching in the Dreamstate

Here is another dream communication I had from Dolores Cannon. Presented in classic Cannon form, straightforward and easy enough for anyone to understand. I hope you find the information beneficial. Here is my dream! Dolores, you are back! I am … Continue reading

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Questions from a Reader regarding QHHT Training

Hello Candace I am joyfully considering taking the QHHT courses and I wondered if I might ask you a few questions. Have you had sessions yourself and how did you feel about them? When doing your Level 1 did you … Continue reading

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Dolores Cannon: Communicating from Beyond the Veil.

Dolores Cannon passed away just about six months ago, on October 18, 2014. Since that time those that knew and loved her, those who practice her method of consciousness exploration and healing and even some people who never even heard … Continue reading

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Readers’ Questions on QHHT. Sadness, Healing and Connection.

Dear Candace, I was wondering something about the healing potential of the SC (The Higher Self.) Is anything possible? For example, I have heard of miraculous healing of someone’s spine, but say someone has a broken tooth, would the SC … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Michael – New Kindle ebook

Ron Head is a colleague and a man with a sweet heart and a fascinating connection to realms beyond the ordinary. I look forward to reading The Wisdom of Michael!

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