New Earth Journey Moves to Old Town in Wichita

Summer of 2013 has been a busy one. There have been lots of QHHT sessions, travel, classes and events with Dolores Cannon and…I have moved into professional office space in downtown, Old Town, Wichita!

The address is 914 East Douglass, and if you know where Larkspur is, it is the same building, just a couple of doors down.


There is plenty of free public parking, on the street, in a lot right west of Larkspur and behind the building itself. The 914 suites are upstairs loft spaces (alas, no elevator is available) and currently I have massage therapists, a spray tanner and professional photographers as neighbors. There are a couple of suites available yet as well. If you need a nice quiet office space downtown, come and check it out.

You might find the perfect office for your business and if you do decide to get it, then make sure you fill it with the best office furniture from places like Office Monster! Don’t forget though, that if you are interested in getting an office space, you need to consider other things as well. It’s not just rent that you will have to cover but also your business utility bills. However, you could easily use a company like Utility Bidder to help you get the better deals. Above all, you should make sure that the location is the right place for you.


We are in the process of designing and installing more professional signage for the door.

We also want to install some new sliding doors inside our office. The old sliding door keeps getting jammed so I have been busy researching tips to remove a sliding door online so that we can get a new one fitted. I cannot wait to see it all come together. I think that sliding doors look so chic. Plus, they make sure that your office is bright and airy which is very important to me.

For now, though, you can just look for the number 914. I am in Suite 206, up the stairs, down the hallway, second door on the left.


I am planning on an open house to follow a New Earth Journey Wichita Meetup meeting to coincide with Final Friday on the evening of August 30th. Come by and say hello.

As we are opening our doors to the public, I think that it is important to get the building into a presentable condition. I’ll be busy at work cleaning the interior but I may also look at the possibility of enlisting the services of a business similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Philadelphia in order to spruce up the exterior somewhat. Gutters can amass an unsightly build-up, composed of debris carried there by weather, but it can also turn into a potential source of damage in the future. Therefore, not only will it look good in the short term, but it would also help prevent costly repairs down the line.

Now that I have a dedicated office space, I will definitely be holding more events, classes and sessions! Stay tuned.

UPDATE to all potential clients. I have moved to a new space in July 2014. 108 East 5th Avenue, Augusta, Kansas. Thank you.

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