“Fix me. I’m Broken.”

Does this sound like you? Do you go from doctor to doctor, modality to modality, desperate to find the cure for what ails you? And every time you go to a new appointment or doctor, the medical bills just continue to grow. This is why it’s so important to make sure you’re covered by insurance if you are diagnosed with an illness. Many people look into things like what illnesses are covered under critical illness insurance, what their current insurance covers, how they can reduce the cost of medical bills, etc. so it could be worth doing some investigating of your own.

Whether it be cancer, allergies, arthritis, depression or even loneliness, if you are searching for a solution, and think that all you have to do is find the right _______ (doctor, drug, surgery, treatment, guru, crystal) and then pay for your _______(appointment, prescription, session or item) and then you will be _______ (happy, healthy, balanced, loved), you will surely fail in your quest.

Every challenge, every dis-ease, every problem you have must be ultimately solved by you.

You have the challenge or dis-ease for a reason. You can certainly drive that reason underground with treatments of any and every kind, but it will only fester or return or “change its spots” until you face the issue that brought it on squarely and honestly and make some sort of shift.

All healing is self-healing. You can be healed with any number of things; a successful surgery, energy work or a change in diet, just as long as you have made the necessary internal or emotional changes to return to health and balance.

I have had clients achieve extraordinary results with CORe Healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I have seen lives transformed and even “miracles” happen right before my very eyes. But I have also seen the opposite: No change whatsoever.

Why? Why do some people heal and others do not?

It has been my experience that those who do experience healing have something in common: Somewhere along the line, they have made crucial personal changes or, have simply had great realizations or understanding about themselves or about this great grand adventure we call life. They then are ready to accept their healing in the way that is comfortable for their belief systems. Some people definitely need knives and drugs to believe in health and balance.

Others do not.

CORe and QHHT address spiritual, ancestral, mental and emotional components of your dis-ease. If you are open to that concept, and ready to trust yourself to heal, rather than looking outside of yourself for someone or something else to cure you, you might consider one or both methods to assist you.

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