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Dear Left-Brained Client,

It’s not your fault. Really. You have been programmed from birth to primarily only use half of your brain’s natural function. Our Western society’s institutions of education and government and workplace have marginalized our right brain, our intuition, our imagination, … Continue reading

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“Fix me. I’m Broken.”

Does this sound like you? Do you go from doctor to doctor, modality to modality, desperate to find the cure for what ails you? And every time you go to a new appointment or doctor, the medical bills just continue … Continue reading

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Wichita, Don’t Let Them POISON Your Water

Notice all the press pushing water fluoridation in Wichita? What is the source of this advertising money? We do know that the industries which sell this toxic waste fluoride are profiting greatly. Who else profits? Were you aware that this … Continue reading

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Jim Self answers my Question on Speaking with the Ascended Masters.

If you don’t know of Jim Self, you should. Truly. What a lovely human being. He is often called “The teacher’s teacher,” and for good reason. I quote Jim often in my own sessions and classes. Recently Jim held a … Continue reading

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