“Tools to Choose your Probable Reality” or, “The Air Conditioner Story”

We, humans, are beginning to understand just how powerful we can be. After aeons of being told we are small and insignificant and that reality is something that “happens to us”, we are, well many of us are anyway, finally waking up to the realization that we have something to do with all events and situations that occur in our lives. If you do happen to need your AC unit repairing or in-fact, any other system in your home and you’re a bit tight for cash, you may want to check out lendingexpert.co.uk for all the latest quick loan deals.

Actually we have everything to do with the creation of our lives! But that is not easy for many people to accept.

This concept, that we choose our experience, from a quantum field of probable reality, is the basis of CORe (Cellular and Organ Regeneration) Healing, which is a consciousness based healing modality that I taught here at Atira Moon Farm last weekend.

So what does Air Conditioning have to do with it anyway? I will tell you.

Late last Thursday evening, less than 36 hours before the CORe Workshop was to begin, I suddenly heard a loud and terrible banging mechanical type noise that I could not immediately identify. It sounded a bit like a loud old clattery truck in our backyard. I opened the patio door and quickly ascertained that the sound was coming from our air conditioner compressor. I hurridly walked down to the basement to see if there was anything amiss there and saw dripping water all across the floor and pipes along the ceiling, and I also smelled the tang of an unhappy motor. I went back upstairs to the thermostat and turned the system off. This reminded me that I should have done an air conditioning yearly maintenance check list to ensure that it was in working order.

This was. Not. Good. It was supposed to be 90+ degrees on Saturday and we were expecting a house full of people. Last year we had our AC system thoroughly inspected because of poor performance. We were told it was low quality heat pump type system, very old and its days were definitely numbered. To replace the whole system was going to cost multiple of thousands of dollars. We asked, how long could we get by using what we had? The repairman said as I recall “Could be a week, could be a few months, no way to tell, really. One day it will just stop working.” We elected to wait until that day before spending the significant amount it would cost to replace the system. A friend asked me is it time to make your ac smart? But I wanted to run the old AC into the ground before we had to pay for a new system.

When Tom came home a bit later, and I told him what had happened, he went to the thermostat and tried to turn it on to hear the noise I described. It would not turn on. At all.

Oh no.

So, the next morning, we decided to do a CORe process on our AC! What is that? Well, its sort of like a meditation or visualization. You could even, quite correctly call it a very specialized prayer as we ask to be aligned with our Creator as we imagine our outcome. We mentally accessed the quantum field of possibilities and requested that we experience, as our chosen reality, the one where our AC simply was working perfectly.

Then, we also used a second tool in the CORe toolbox, and we “concentrated” on the number code in the CORe system for “Normalization of Household Events”. Think of a CORe number code as a combination to a lock. Or maybe as a re-set or reboot command. Every situation (or disease or event) has a corresponding “normal” vibration. Concentrating on or simply keeping the number code within one’s energetic field, helps return the “situation” whatever it may be, back to its “normal” state. There is a code then, for things in one’s household to operate normally.

Still a bit farfetched for you? I completely understand. We have not been educated on the vibratory signatures of reality and we especially have not been told how we can tweak them with our consciousness for our benefit. Quite the opposite is actually true. We have been programed to believe we have no effect on reality at all.

I had quite a difficult time believing something like this was possible too as I too, was raised in the same culture that you were.

I plan on writing more about this concept, and CORe in the future. For now, just go with this idea, that a group of numbers, like a musical chord, can vibrate and affect and help “normalize” any situation, event or disease.

Friday morning then, we chose to concentrate on the code that supports normalization of household events.

I wrote the number code on a piece of paper and put it in my pocket. I also wrote it down and put it on directly on the thermostat. I gave the same code to Tom and he memorized it and repeated it as he mowed on the tractor. So two of us were using our consciousness to assist the outcome of events. I went out to run errands.

We ended up calling a company similar to ONE HOUR HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING to come and help us with our problem. The repairman was to arrive at 1pm. At 2pm I called Tom and asked what was happening with the AC. “Well?”

Tom said, “The repairman left a while ago.”


“And the AC is working.”

“Seriously? What did he do?”

“Nothing. Well he did clean the filter.”

“That’s all?”

“That’s all.”

“Did you tell him about the noise? The water? The motor smell?”

“Yes, he could not explain those things. He said everything in the system was working just fine. He just cleaned the filter.”

“Oh. Wow. Seriously? Wow!”

I think I could have flown home from the Dillon’s parking lot. This was so amazingly utterly, unbelievably cool. It was not the first time I had or saw success with the CORe method, not at all, it was just so, well so dramatic, and so much fun. A lot more fun than a very expensive repair bill or a houseful of hot guests!

I know many of you reading this are having your logical and rational left brain dismiss this entire story as either a fanciful fabrication or as simply an “unexplained coincidence”. I understand. The thing is, when you begin to see more and more of these helpful coincidences and miracle healings and other life situations resolve themselves day in and day out as I do, you might truly begin to believe, as I do, that we really are creators of our own reality, and that reality is a really cool place to be.

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