Common Questions I am asked as a Dolores Cannon Practitioner

How did you come to practice QHHT?

In 2008 I had a profound spiritual experience with my personal “Council of Light.” I was given a list of three things I needed to do to be healed of the chronic pain that plagued my life. One of the three things was to have a Past Life Regression.

I had not yet heard of Dolores Cannon at that time,  but events aligned in an extraordinary way and I soon found myself driving to Arkansas to attend her class on Past Life Regression Therapy. I think that it is  important to mention that before I ever left my home I knew with complete certainty in my heart I would be regressed by Dolores as her “demonstration subject” for her class. Even though I did not “throw my hat in the ring” by volunteering as many of my fellow classmates did, Dolores indeed picked me to be her subject. At that very moment, before the regression even began, I knew my entire life would change in a very big way. And so it did.

What happened in your session?

Dolores took me on an adventure of a lifetime while the rest of the class watched. I found myself reliving the life of a primitive human. In that hard, hungry life, I was shunned and ridiculed by others like me primarily because I had “new” thoughts and ideas about how to feed ourselves that involved innovation and teamwork. I was eventually killed by those who were not interested in my ideas of “change”.

When Dolores asked my “Higher Self” why this particular life was shown to me the answer was that I have been on a “Wayshower” path throughout many lifetimes and I was still pursuing that path by introducing innovative ideas about health and healing and the evolution of human consciousness today.

This unique opportunity, having Dolores herself regress me as well as be my teacher has been a solid foundation in my own Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practice. Dolores has been doing this work for 40 years. I am blessed to have her as my teacher and mentor.

So, you don’t have to be a classically trained hypnotherapist to practice this method?

Actually, no. Dolores at first began to teach her regression therapy only to those professionally and traditionally trained in hypnosis,  but soon discovered many other spiritually minded and alternative healers were drawn to learn her method as well.  As a matter of fact, Dolores states that some of her best facilitators are ones that come to her without any conventional background in hypnosis. They often are more open to some of the more metaphysical ramifications that often arise. Of course those who have been schooled traditionally also can and have made wonderful QHHT therapists as they have their own previously learned skills to bring to their clients.

How often do you practice the QHHT method?

My life forever changed after I drove home from Dolores’ class in 2008. I began doing as many regressions as I could and I have not stopped since that time. I began giving talks and lectures about Past Life Regression. I began doing group demonstrations and speaking at events and have created “” groups.  I have regressed hundreds of people and  I am currently booking sessions weeks and sometimes months in advance. If you are interested in booking a session, the sooner you contact me the better. I will only do one session per day.

Please see my website for more details and session rates by clicking  HERE.

Have you taken the advanced training with Dolores?

Yes, several times.

Candace and Dolores in Arkansas 2011

Are you really able to heal any physical or emotional problem I might have? I’ve watched Dolores on YouTube and she says she can heal anything.

Dolores does not heal anyone. Neither do I.  We are merely facilitators of an amazing method that has the ability to allow the client to heal themselves. All healing is self-healing, and both of us believe that no one can be a healer for anyone else, but merely a guide or helper. This includes standard medical treatment from doctors. This also includes any spiritual type healing from any spiritual or religious figure!

The higher self absolutely has the ability to heal the conscious mind and physical body. It can do so instantly, and I have personally been witness to that. The important concept to remember is that we as humans have free will. Our conscious mind can override signals, suggestions and even pure energetic healing from our higher selves. So even when our conscious mind claims it wants to be healed, there are times it actually blocks the healing.

I’ve seen healing happen immediately, gradually over time and, not at all. It is highly variable and depends on many factors. There are concrete ways to increase your chances of healing, and those are shared with clients before and after the QHHT session. Look for more blog articles on this subject soon.

What is this support group you mention? Can you tell me more?

With Dolores’ blessing, not long after taking the class in 2008, I created an online Yahoo group for some of her students so we could talk about our work and share information. Our group steadily grew and to date has nearly 1000 members worldwide. Not long ago we outgrew the Yahoo interface and we are about to launch our brand new bulletin board style support forum and community.

I remain Managing Director of the QHHT Support Forum.  Along with a team of QHHT Ambassadors, we provide direct contact with Dolores, continuing education of her methods by offering assistance and service to others and the ability to collaborate on group projects. Every one who completes Dolores’ training has access to this community and the information provided is critical for those just beginning to learn her amazing method.

Most importantly with the creation of this forum, Dolores has in effect, created an amazing community of those working in the light and towards the evolution of humanity. We are a community of Dedicated QHHT Practitioners who come together to share, help each other and facilitate healing for our clients, ourselves, and the planet itself.

We are truly now, in 2012 on the journey to the New Earth.

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31 Responses to Common Questions I am asked as a Dolores Cannon Practitioner

  1. Betty says:

    Loved you explanations of Dolores’s techniques. I had one person contact me (since I am a practitioner of QHHT too) who wanted to know how many people I had healed. When I told him only God h heals, he was not a happy camper. He had huge expectations that a family member could be healed of a genetic disorder by hypnosis. Healing is sometimes the understanding of the condition and why the soul chose that as a path to learning life lessons. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

  2. Hello Betty and thanks for stopping by. I hope you will join us on our new forum! You have some very wise words yourself..

    “Healing is sometimes the understanding of the condition and why the soul chose that as a path to learning life lessons.” Beautifully put!

    In sessions sometimes, the Higher Self says “Yes, they have indeed learned that lesson, and now may allow the condition to fade away.”

    I truly love this work.

    • Betty says:

      I have been waiting for the forum and hope to go cruising with Dolores this fall too. I don’t post that much but love what others say and the guidance they provide.

  3. Jan B says:

    Thank You Candace for the informative article about your history with Deloris Cannon. I totally believe in what you are doing and enjoy reading your articles.

    I’m looking forward to possibly seeing you in the Spring. Keep up the great work and keep the articles coming.

    • Jan you are a dear sweet and special soul. We have blocked out a week for something, still to be determined. April 30-May 5. I’d love to see you again.

      • Jan says:

        I’ll be waiting to hear. Would love to visit our special Hotel again too!

        Take care and God Bless. Thanks for the nice things you said about my soul too. ;0) It takes one to know one…

  4. Susan Aono says:

    Hi Candace,
    Great article! I enjoy all your posts! Keep them coming!

  5. Greg says:

    Hello Newearthjourney,
    Interesting Post, Many people understand by imagining, reflecting on factors, observing, attaining and sharing of data. In regular everyday life, there are a large amount of elements that make us curious. We realize about new points by inquiring issues. A problem that lingers in our head retains us restless except if we get a satisfactory respond to to it.
    Keep up the good work

    • Hello Greg

      Thanks for stopping by and your comment. What a poetic way to put the concept of a repetition in our mind: “lingers in our head retains us restless”.

      I was just thinking this morning about the differences between regression clients, how to determine the most comfortable and receptive state for possible change/healing. It is truly not the same for everyone.

      Kind regards. Candace

  6. Timothy Clanton says:

    Hello,,i just happened to be cruising the web and found Dolores..I must say i am VERY much impressed indeed…I am looking for a Dedicated Practitioner in the Ventura County or Los Angeles area..I am a dialysis patient very much interested in this type of treatment..Who would be the best DP for this situation…Thank you.

    • Hi Timothy.

      Thanks for stopping by! You can go to and look up the practitioners in that area. The list of DEDICATED Practitioners is a new program and will be fully functional starting May 1.
      Until then if you need additional assistance feel free to email me at


  7. nelly says:

    hay algo en español, soy de argentina y no se ingles , solo he podido ver un video traducido al español. gracias

  8. Lynne says:

    love the books! They are so poetic and ring (loudly) of pure truth. I almost always have tears trickling down my cheeks when I read them. I also find the work very comforting : we are all OK and never alone.
    I hope to experience a session soon

  9. Timothy Clanton says:

    Dear Candice,,thank your for your response..I was just at a Dolores & Dee Wallace talk in LA May 12 & 13th..I was very impressed with the info…I did however, at the seminar connect with Nadine Rocheleau, a QHHT from Aliso Viejo California…I have an appt in June 2012 for my QH…I am so excited with the feeling of getting well and off dialysis…Thank You & God Bless..Tim

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