If you are interested in sustainable energy, weather, clean food and water, politics, consciousness, the economy, your job, your health, education, a better life for your kids or your grandkids, or, you are simply alive right now and have any thoughts about how we as humans can do better, in EVERY one of the above subjects and more, please make time to watch this incredible documentary.

As you know, I am particularly passionate about renewable energy. I think we should all be doing so much more to protect our planet, and one of the easiest ways that we can do this is by switching to more environmentally conscious energy suppliers. Tempted to find out more? A good friend of mine who lives in Texas recently changed energy suppliers after she did some research into dallas electricity providers online. She managed to switch to a more renewable form of energy and even saved some money in the process, so it is well worth taking a look if you want to play your part in securing the future of our planet.

Anyway, if you are “awake” and have friends and family who are still sleeping, who are still mired in “the old way of thinking”, see if you can get them to watch this film. It is available full length on youtube right now.

This easily could be THE most important documentary film ever made.

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