False Start

Anyone subscribed to this blog before today knows this already, I had a false start. Quite frankly, life just got too busy. Some things had to wait!

That being said, my delayed start was probably a blessing in disguise as I was not quite finished building my website when my first blog post went live! I was just too excited to get my debut blog post published. Since then, I have done some work on the design of my website. I found a website builder online by reading a detailed guide to some of the most popular website building tools and the entire process could not have been more simple. If you are in the process of designing your own website or blog, you might want to read the full article for some web design inspiration too.

Ultimately though, I like to think that first post was a placeholder of sorts, and maybe there are still a few subscribers sticking around to read my words while I have been focusing my efforts primarily on MOVING and on my regression work. Although I know many of my followers haven’t stuck around, now that I’m active I could easily gain them back with my posts.

However, if not I can try a few tips and tricks like getting my social media pages back on track too, then I can learn how to repost on instagram as an example and get your guys attention! That’ll be a great way to let you know I’m back, and better as a matter of fact.

For those of you new to New Earth Journey…WELCOME.

For those of you who are here because of my first blog, In Repose, WELCOME to you too. I plan on reposting some of my favorite columns from that blog right here where, truly, they have belonged from the start.

And now without further ado; Let’s get this party started!

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2 Responses to False Start

  1. Lynne Glazer says:

    she’s back! hurrah! Can’t wait to hear more.

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